You've goat to see it to believe it

Here's something to chew on.

When Ann McNab pulled into the visitor's parking lot at the Riverside campus the Ottawa Hospital Monday morning, she spotted something out of the ordinary in the driver's seat of a nearby vehicle.

There, behind the wheel of a silver minivan, was a goat, apparently waiting patiently for its owner.

McNab, who spent a couple years living in Southern California, wrote: "I often saw vehicles protected by dangerous-looking Rottweilers and have heard of people putting snakes in their vehicles too to protect them, so this struck me as hilarious that in the nation's capital, we use baby farm animals instead!"

McNab did express some concern about what the animal might do to the minivan's interior.

"I grew up on a farm but we wouldn't dare transport them this way! I've heard you can potty train goats, so let's hope this one is or the owner is going to have an interesting surprise when they return!"

It wasn't initially known whether the goat was a doe or a buck-seat driver.

UPDATE: Late Monday McNab said the owner of the goat contacted her and told her Chauncey — yes, Chauncey — is a 10-month old pygmy goat and therapy animal who was waiting in the van while the owner picked up some paperwork at the hospital. According to his owner, Chauncey is indeed house trained, and enjoys bubble baths and snuggling in bed with his humans.