Yuba County deputies take dozens of animals, including dead horse, from Olivehurst home

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Yuba County Animal Care Services personnel and sheriff’s deputies removed dozens of animals including a dead horse from an Olivehurst home in “deplorable conditions” and are seeking an arrest warrant for a suspect.

In a news release, Yuba County officials said that deputies, code enforcement personnel and members of the Sheriff’s Posse Volunteers served a search warrant Thursday in the 1600 block of Second Avenue after receiving reports of animal cruelty and found 61 animals of various species — including livestock, poultry and domestic breeds — in and around the home.

The animals include 21 pigs, 12 dogs, 11 ducks, five chickens, two goats, two lambs, two cats, two rabbits, two cows, one horse and one bull.

A horse was among the animals removed after Yuba County deputies conducted a search of an Olivehurst home. Another horse was found dead.
A horse was among the animals removed after Yuba County deputies conducted a search of an Olivehurst home. Another horse was found dead.

Due to the condition of the home, which was “strewn with garbage and feces, with many animals in small crates and malnourished conditions,” according to county officials, the animals were removed. The dead horse was also found and removed.

Law enforcement began its investigation into the home on Dec. 28 after receiving reports from neighbors regarding the welfare of animals kept there and regarding the dead horse. Animal care officers later saw several animals in sight at the property “that appeared in poor condition,” leading to the search of the property.

The animals that were seized by law enforcement were taken to two county-run facilities and examined by a veterinarian. They will remain in county custody until after criminal proceedings conclude, at which point they may be available for adoption.

“The continued care and treatment of the animals that were saved will require additional cooperation as Animal Care Services and members of the Posse will be tasked with the housing and upkeep of these animals,” Sheriff Wendell Anderson said in a prepared statement.

“The condition of the animals and the setting in which they were found was deplorable. Staff never complained, and simply trudged forward in a flooded field and into a house full of debris, litter and feces, for the benefit of these animals.”

The home was determined to be unfit for occupation by Yuba County Code Enforcement, and investigators are seeking a felony animal cruelty warrant from the Yuba County District Attorney.

How you can help

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department is asking community members to donate grass hay, oat hay, dog food, duck feed, chicken feed, pig feed, rabbit food and horse feed to help feed the animals.

This weekend, anyone who would like to donate can drop off supplies at an animal shelter at 5245 Feather River Blvd. in Olivehurst between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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