New Yukon bridge wreaks havoc on nearby residence, owner says

Bruce Wilcox says his family had one of the nicest views in Carcross, but not anymore.

Bridge builders Ruskin Construction, are in the last year of completing a new bridge across the Nares River.

Wilcox home is right below the new bridge, which now blocks his scenic view of the mountains.

The older structure, locally known as Naataase Héen bridge, was built further away from his home. 

"The problem is the bridge it is encroaching on us big time, and they are doing even more now, it's ridiculous," Wilcox said. "They are using my yard. They are wrecking things here."

Mike Rudyk/CBC

The Naataase Héen Bridge is one of the last wooden bridges on a major road in the Yukon.

Construction of the new $12.6 million bridge started in 2017.

Wilcox says he is at his wits' end, because of the constant noise and shaking ground caused by construction machinery.

"I'm mad at the Yukon government for the fact that they knew this was happening and they chose to ignore it," he said.

"Well, they can't ignore it anymore. We are in their face, and we want something done now."

Mike Rudyk/CBC

'A very large project'

Wilcox driveway was occasionally used as one of the access points by the company. But he has put a stop to that by placing a large no entry sign in front of his driveway.

He says he hasn't heard much from the Yukon government for the last year and a half.

Oshea Jephson, a communications analyst with the Yukon Department of Highway and Public Works, said the government has met with a number of people in the community impacted by the work.

"It's obviously a very large project," Jephson said. "Construction work is well on its way but we are happy to continue meeting with anyone who has concerns around the project." 

Wilcox hopes his family's home can be relocated somewhere else away from the new bridge. The Yukon government offered no further comment on that aspiration.