Yukon chef named one of Canada's next best

Brian Ng remembers the moment he knew he wanted to be a chef.

He was young, just seven years old and he was watching T.V. — Japanese T.V. to be specific. He would watch reruns of the popular cooking show Iron Chef.

"Whenever I was home sick from school I would watch the show ... just out of curiosity," said Ng.

"My parents weren't home often growing up, they worked a lot, to provide for us ... so shout out to mom and dad."

Ng's parents owned a restaurant and hotel, and more often than not, would be there working late.  Whenever Ng got the chance he would turn on Iron Chef. Soon he began to experiment with food.

He recalls cooking eggs for the first time.

"I decided to make 12 scrambled eggs rather than a regular three like say a normal human being," jokes Ng. "I've always loved eating and I think from day one I always wanted to be a chef, it's just people kept talking me out of it."

I always wanted to be a chef it's just people kept talking me out of it - Brian Ng, Chef

Despite the long desire to be a chef, it was only this year that Ng actually became one.

This summer the 29-year-old walked away from a comfortable job with the Yukon government, where he worked as a Licensing and Intake Officer and took on the role of head chef at the Wayfarer Oyster House.

Ng was already familiar with Wayfarer. A little over a year ago he purchased the restaurant along with Eddie Rideout and Andrew Seymour.

George Maratos/CBC

Soon after Ng was in the kitchen, juggling his day job with kitchen duties.

"I was working my 9-to-5 job, five days a week, and then working at the restaurant for five or six days a week."

It became too much.

So this past July Ng left his job as a civil servant to pursue cooking full time.

"It's been great, a luxury to be able to work a full day in the kitchen with my super awesome team and therefore be able to create more things and have better communication."

On top of sleeping more, the move to full-time chef has benefited the restaurant too.

Last month Wayfarer was named to Air Canada's En Route magazine's long list of best places to eat in Canada and more recently the Globe and Mail called Ng one of the country's next top chefs.

"It's been a big shock and surprise, obviously I'm super happy for me and my business partners and the team, but it was unexpected," said Ng.

"We weren't really gunning for accolades we just wanted to open up a cool little spot in Whitehorse."