Yukon chief vows to fight changes to Oil and Gas Act

The chief of the Liard First Nation is promising to fight proposed changes to the Yukon Oil and Gas Act.

Liard McMillan was responding to comments made last week in the legislature by Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Brad Cathers.

Cathers said amendments to the act would level the playing field for all First Nations by removing the veto rights the Liard First Nation has on oil and gas development in southeast Yukon.

But McMillan said his people are not going to relinquish that control.

"It's no different than what they're attempting to do in the Peel region,” said McMillan, referring to the Yukon government’s proposed changes to a land use plan developed for the Peel River watershed.

“Just ignoring the recommendations out of that planning process and just going ahead with their own agenda."

McMillan said he believes the government intends to develop gas fields in the area without consulting Yukoners.

He said his First Nation will launch appeals to the United Nations, or erect a blockade to fight the amendments.

He conceded though that, once the legislation passes, court action will be the most likely route for the First Nation.

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