Yukon opposition parties press for details on vaccine rollout

·2 min read

Yukon's health minister says the territorial government has a plan for distributing COVID-19 vaccines when they become available.

But neither Health Minister Pauline Frost nor Premier Sandy Silver would offer many details about what's actually in the plan.

In Question Period Tuesday, Opposition Leader Stacey Hassard said the public needs more information.

"All we are asking for is for the minister to provide a copy of that plan to Yukoners so that they can understand what is going on here," he said.

Frost both accused the Yukon Party of spreading false information and fear mongering without offering specifics.

"For us to come out now and say 'Here's a whole bunch of plans for a whole bunch options,' we're not going to do that right now and we're definitely not going to make news announcements on the floor of the Legislative Assembly," Silver said.

Silver did suggest that the government's exact plan will change based on which of the vaccines nearing regulatory approval the Yukon gets first.

Pfizer's vaccine, for instance, has to be stored at -80 C to remain stable. That means special freezers are required to transport and store it.

Yesterday, federal Procurement Minister Anita Anand said vaccines also require qualified shippers and promised details about distribution are coming soon.

"What the [health] department is doing is game theory, which is every single option, making sure we have considered all of the variables that would be used depending on who gets that authorization first from Health Canada, and when," Silver said.

NDP Leader Kate White said the public deserves to know what the plan is.

"Plans can change and plans can be adapted, and no one argues or or disagrees with that," she said. "But even having an idea of what the starting [point] is, instead of speaking in generalities, I think what really folks are looking for right now is specifics."