Zaporizhzhya official's murder prompts increased security measures and investigations

On June 11, an attempt was made on a local official in Zaporizhzhya, resulting in his death in hospital.
On June 11, an attempt was made on a local official in Zaporizhzhya, resulting in his death in hospital.

The murder of a local official cannot be ignored by either the authorities or law enforcement, the head of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast Military Administration, Ivan Fedorov, said on Telegram on June 11.

The governor has held a meeting with law enforcement agencies, and the police are conducting investigative and search operations.

"The investigation of the high-profile murder is under special control," the head of the regional administration said.

Zaporizhzhya is "not a place for criminal showdowns," so law enforcement will carry out preventive work to "eradicate criminals" in the regional center.

"Special attention will be paid to strengthening security measures for city residents," Fedorov added.

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According to media reports, Maxim Denshchik was killed in Zaporizhzhya. On May 2, he complained of pressure from Fedorov. On his Facebook page, Denshchik wrote that the regional governor had offered him several times to resign from his position of his own free will.

"I refused because I believe that I am honestly and conscientiously fulfilling my duties!" Denshchik said at the time.

“As of today, Ivan is threatening me directly and through various people with reprisals from law enforcement agencies!”

Murder of a Zaporizhzhya City Council official on June 11

A local official was assassinated in Zaporizhzhya on the morning of June 11. He later died in hospital. According to media reports, it was Maxim Denshchik, an official of the Zaporizhzhia City Council.

The police reported that the attacker fired four shots at the official. The man died from his injuries while receiving medical care.

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The assassination took place at the entrance of a high-rise building in one of Zaporizhzhya's districts. After firing shots from a firearm, the attacker fled the scene.

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