Zendaya Just Gave a Master Class on How to Wear Audrey Hepburn Micro Bangs


Zendaya is never not leading the pack when it comes to avant-garde beauty trends; especially those inspired by film icons and ‘90s supermodels. The latest example? Audrey Hepburn-inspired micro bangs, which Zendaya was seen wearing at Paris Haute Couture Week’s Fendi show.

“This look is definitely a nod to classic Hollywood Hepburn, delivered with a ’90s supermodel nostalgia,” Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, tells Glamour, noting that several supermodels of the era—including Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, and Claudia Schiffer—wore side-swept piecey micro bangs at the height of their careers. “It’s a revival of the ’90s supermodels,” she says. What can we say, Zendaya loves a theme!

That said, the look seems to heavily reference Hepburn's iconic fringe in films like Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday, as well as the 1954 Academy Awards (where Hepburn nabbed the Oscar for best actress). It's no wonder A-listers are so fond of the look: Florence Pugh, Zoë Kravitz, Bella Hadid, Katie Holmes, and and Kylie Jenner have all recently sported the style too.

Audrey Hepburn was a hair icon during her time and far beyond, and I’m thrilled to see this latest generation be inspired from her work and looks,” says Kacey Welch, celebrity hairstylist and founder of the Kacey Welch method.

<h1 class="title">micro bangs zendaya</h1><cite class="credit">Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images</cite>

micro bangs zendaya

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images
<h1 class="title">micro bangs zendaya</h1><cite class="credit">Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images</cite>

micro bangs zendaya

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“I think a lot of women have wanted to add bangs, and pulling inspiration from such an icon is the best way to do it," Welch adds, noting that adding or modifying your bangs is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change your look without drastically altering too much.

As for what's influencing the trend now, aside from historical figures known for their glam? “It's TikTok,” says Welch. “TikTok has massively influenced the speed at which various styles and trends manifest into the culture zeitgeist. With over 32 billion views, #hairtok provides some of the most incredible transition videos, giving the viewer what feels like instant results, thus inspiring more experimental hair.”

<h1 class="title">Audrey Hepburn bangs hair microbangs inspiration</h1><cite class="credit">Bettmann</cite>

Audrey Hepburn bangs hair microbangs inspiration

<h1 class="title">Naomi Campbell micro bangs 6th Annual National Hollday Awards Dinner In Honor Of Martin Luther King Jr.</h1><cite class="credit">Ron Galella, Ltd./Getty Images</cite>

Naomi Campbell micro bangs 6th Annual National Hollday Awards Dinner In Honor Of Martin Luther King Jr.

Ron Galella, Ltd./Getty Images
<h1 class="title">Claudia Schiffer bangs hair microbangs: Calender Signing - October 8, 1993</h1><cite class="credit">Tom Wargacki</cite>

Claudia Schiffer bangs hair microbangs: Calender Signing - October 8, 1993

Tom Wargacki

Plus, post-pandemic culture is inspiring everyone to try out more adventurous styles, normalizing aesthetic experimentation on and off the catwalk—like at the office or school.

“The job market has changed tremendously, which means there are way less restrictions on how you ‘must look' for a job or to get a job,” says Sabrina Rowe Holdsworth, celebrity hairstylist and founder of NTRL by Sabs. “This newfound freedom allows more people to experiment with their hair without fear, and I think we all like to explore the way we look. Now we live in a time where that is much more accepted.”

Florence Pugh

micro bangs florence pugh

Florence Pugh
Mike Marsland/Getty Images
Zoë Kravitz

micro bangs zoe kravitz

Zoë Kravitz
Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

If you're tempted to try Hepburn bangs but don't want to re-create your hair circa 2010, don't worry: This style is very different than super-layered look that was trending then. "Hepburn bangs have an airier appearance: They are lighter and layered and texturized for weight removal,” says Abramite. “Bangs in the 2000s and 2010s were thicker, longer, and solid for a blunter look.” Plus, the current iteration of the trend is shorter and choppier, Holdsworth says.

To get the Hepburn bang look, Abramite advises telling your stylist you'd like a choppy, “half-moon” style bang, or “mini choppy bangs.” It's also always wise to bring a picture, Welch adds, noting that you should prepare for touch-ups every month or so. “Bangs are high-maintenance and require a level of commitment,” she says. “They need to be trimmed every four to six weeks.”

Bella Hadid

bella hadid micro bangs

Bella Hadid

As for styling? Hepburn bangs are medium maintenance and require an immediate blow-drying post-shower. “Bangs need to go from wet to dry immediately after the shower,” Welch says, clarifying that they should be blow-dried flat and only after using heat protectant. You can use a traditional blow-dryer and brush, or a hot brush for a fuller look, so long as you blow-dry them in the direction you'd like them to go. Once they are dry, Holdsworth advises finishing with Nourishing Rose oil, which keeps the bangs moisturized and creates some separation.

Finally, if you're dealing with a cowlick that's cramping your Hepburn bangs' style, Abramite advises investing in no-crease sectioning clips to help relax the cowlick and train the bang to lie flat on the forehead.

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