Zero Motorcycles unveils electric 2023 DSR/X adventure model

Zero Motorcycles is branching out into the adventure segment with a new model called DSR/X. Due out for the 2023 model year, the bike is powered by a new electric motor linked to a relatively big battery pack, and it features a suite of electronic riding aids provided by Bosch.

Offered in Sage Green or White Pearl, the DSR/X certainly looks like it belongs in the adventure segment: It's relatively tall, and it features a rugged look. There's more to it than style, however. Zero CEO Abe Azkenazi said that developing it took over 100,000 hours.

Power for the DSR/X comes from a new electric motor called Z-Force 75-10X that's rated at 100 horsepower and 166 pound-feet of torque. It's linked to a 17.3-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which is the largest stock unit Zero has ever installed in one of its motorcycles. The company pegs the bike's top speed at 112 mph and quotes up to 85 miles of range at a steady 70 mph. Stay in the city and that figure increases to 180 miles. These numbers aren't stellar: BMW's R 1250 GS offers over 372 miles of riding range, according to the manufacturer. Charging the battery pack to 95% of its capacity takes about one hour with the available six-kilowatt rapid charger, though charging from 95% to 100% requires an additional 30 minutes regardless of charging method. The DSR-X weighs 544 pounds and can carry 556 pounds.

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Bosch provided a comprehensive suite of riding aids to the project. The system includes linked braking and Vehicle Hold Control, which keeps the bike steady on a steep slope. Zero also expanded its Cypher III+ operating system with a Park Mode, which it describes as a "low speed reverse and crawl function useful for maneuvering in tight or steep spaces." Smartphone connectivity is part of the package as well.

On sale now, the 2023 Zero Motorcycles DSR/X starts at $24,495. Riders have several options to choose from, including saddle bags, a skid plate, a Power Tank that increases the battery's capacity to 21 kilowatt hours, and a Rapid Charge module that doubles the charging speed.

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