Ziploc Just Solved the Most Frustrating Problem With Its Bags (Again)

Goodbye, leaks!

<p>SC Johnson/Allrecipes</p>

SC Johnson/Allrecipes

Ziploc has provided convenient sandwich and snack bags for years but not without some frustrations. In theory, these bags are great for storing anything from food to crafts to even toys, but they don’t always work as well as we’d like.

The company has addressed some of those issues before. Back when we wanted freezer and storage bags to stand on their own to help make filling them easier, Ziploc brought us the Stay Open Design. Now, it’s set to help with yet another concern and we’re ready for it.

Ziploc’s New EasyGuide Texture

Ziploc recently added new EasyGuide texture to its sandwich and snack bags to help ensure they're always fully closed to prevent leaks.

The updated Ziploc sandwich and snack bags all have a unique new texture along the zipper that you can feel with your fingers as you glide and seal the bag with ease to keep whatever you have in it safe and protected during storage or transportation. Summer road trips, here we come.

You’ll still have the Easy Open Tabs and Grip ‘n Seal Technology you know and love, but with this latest enhancement, you can also send the kids off to school feeling confident that their lunch won’t explode in their backpack.

Ziploc’s New EasyGuide bags are now available at major grocers and retailers nationwide, including Walmart where you can find a box of 100 for less than $5.

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