Zone Time recap: Our favourite moments of the year

As the year comes to a close, it's time to reminisce on the best (and funniest) Zone Time moments of 2021.

Video Transcript

- What about with our show? This is a great show that we were able to start earlier this year. There were a lot of great moments from its infancy towards now. You know, I'd love to know if you remember or there are any significant memories of the show that stand out to you. And if they all happen to involve Omar, well, I guess that's just what it is. Because this show pretty much is The Omar Show. That's--

- Pretty much.

- I have one involving [? Avery. ?]

- Oh, OK.

- Shout out to [? Avery, ?] by the way, who's doing a great job of covering the World Juniors. But, uh--

- Ah, ah, ah.

- --but, so, before we started recording one episode, uh, I guess the informal-- or maybe it's formal, because it's in the Twitter account-- that the Yahoo Sports Canada motto is "sports without suits." And Avery was well-dressed to the nines. So, I just light-heartedly, you know, tried to sort of, you know, build rapport with him. And I told him, you know, Avery, the motto here at Yahoo Sports Canada is "sports without suits." And he responded instantaneously, well, I'm just trying to look good out here, so-- and left it hanging!


Ooh. And, so--

- Ouch.

- Avery, Avery frying the panel behind the scenes, just before we were about to record, is I think, my memory of the year.

- I'll, I'll say this. Avery has some good memories on his own, between that and the muddy GIF, which I don't think ever made an episode. But the muddy GIF has seen the light of day. And, uh, the time he took off his hat. That is--

- Wild.

- --that is an all-timer for me. I've never seen him without wearing the, as he calls it, the Peter Pan fedora hat. Like, that was--


- --an incredible moment. That's an incredible moment. Omar, I feel like I was cutting you off.

- Yeah, for, yeah, an Avery story, I guess, is any time Avery's on, I go, I go out of my way to rip on Draisaitl. And--

- Yes.

- --there is one, there's one episode where, you know, Draisaitl, I think, you had like, 18 goals on the year or whatever. And he was just killing it. So, I apologized on Zone Time. And I think Avery whipped out, like, an umbrella, or-- [LAUGHS] it was like, an umbrella, or--

- I think it was a golf club. I was going to mention a golf club.


- --something. And it just completely took me off guard. And that's just Avery.


Like, someone will be having a rant or just talking, and then Avery will just whip something out and then just start pointing it at the camera. Uh, so, that's definitely a good Avery story. Another one-- I have to give a shout-out to Sam. Like, the--

- Yeah.

- --episode we were talking about Benning and the Canucks, like, was just so funny. And just like, Sam, Sam, hey, I love, I love talking to Sam. And I love having Sam on the show. And, like, whether it's in Zone Time or like, on Twitter where we're talking, she's just so, she's just so to the point when it comes to commenting on the Canucks organization. And in particular, Jim Benning and what he was doing for a couple of years. So, definitely a shout-out to Sam, Sam and Avery.

- I'll come up with a few after Cuth does.

- I was just going to say, I think that the Avery episode, where he pulled out the golf club, he just got back from the airport. And he was perfectly dressed. Like, literally, five minutes, showtime, perfectly dressed. Which is the most Avery thing ever, that he was A, perfectly dressed, and B, coming home from somewhere to be working, where it was the, you know, Grey Cup.

Whatever he's doing, seems like he's always traveling, always on a flight, always in some sort of sporting venue. And him getting home perfectly dressed and ready to do it, and pulling out props in that episode, was peak Avery. Sam literally had to, like, message in and say, hey, I'm going into labor, so I'm not going to be able to do this episode. And was just so matter-of-fact about it.

And I'm not sure if I was the one who stepped in or someone else, but that was definitely a highlight of the show. And I know you're waiting to go in on Omar, but the Omar highlights for me are only good ones. Getting his own show in the [? mentions. ?] Writing at "The Athletic." This has been the year of Omar.

- Yes, brother!

- I'm not going to say his last name, because I don't know if he wants me to, even though it's published on "The Athletic," so I'm not really seeing why that's a big issue. But anyway--


--it's been the year of Omar.

- Yeah, thank you.

- Yes.

- And, and he's the highlight of the show.

- Oh, yeah.

- And now you can, now you can go in on him, Julian.

- OK. I was just like, for B, just getting any opportunity just to kind of work with you guys. And, and, and, and hear from everybody, as well. Obviously, Sam, [? Rajef-- ?] we have to shout out [? Rajef, ?] too. She's able to come up with some astute analysis, as well. [? Kyle ?] dumping on the New York Islanders for me for--


- Oh, yeah!

- Holy crap! The mentions after that! Are you kidding me, bro? Like, dude just wetted on the Islanders and became public enemy number one. That was like, the first episode he had ever been on on the show. And dude just lit them aflame. And--

- Countless more hated than Pete Davidson, Long Island's been. Like, it's crazy.


- He is! He is! But he's not dating Kim Kardashian. In terms for Omar, I mean, like, the two that stand out to me the most is the rant about the Canadians being Canada's team. And him just getting to a point where he just loses it, and he almost swears.


He swears, he just like, [GRUNT], he just does that, like, noise, that, like, ugh! I think he's just-- that was the most frustrated I had ever seen Omar, ever. And then, when I told him that I believed very much in a team from the Atlantic division to win the division, the team that hadn't made it, hadn't won a playoff round in a really long time, he thought it was the Leafs. And I said it was the Florida Panthers.

- Cruel.

- And seeing him get up and leave. Was just, that was incredible. That was fun. But another thing I'm also going to mention as well. I know we've mentioned a lot of lighthearted moments. I'm really happy with how we were able to deal with more serious topics.

I'm really just impressed with how everyone is able to kind of step their game up and not just be serious, but just be blunt about how things should be done when the NHL does something wrong about officiating. Or when an organization tries to cover up horrible stories of sexual abuse. Or another organization drafts a sex offender.

There have been so many instances where the NHL has reared its ugly head. And while we can be very jovial and funny, and make jokes about John Tortorella not liking iPads, we can be very serious at a moment's notice, when it comes time for it. So, those are some of my favorite moments from, from Zone Time this past year.

And I'm really grateful for what the show has been able to provide for all of us. Um, I don't know if we had any other ones we just kind of wanted to mention off the top, but-- oh, wait. Also, seeing Omar and [? Rajef ?] after the, the-- I have to bring it up. But that first episode after the Leafs lost in the first round. It basically was just, like, a therapy session for, like, 30 minutes.

Justin and I just kind of sat back and just let [? Rajef ?] and Omar just kind of go with-- Omar, don't worry. When the Leafs--

- It was karma, man.


- That's true, yes!

- I ripped on Oilers fans because they got swept by Winnipeg. It was straight karma. It was-- I've never experienced such karma in my entire life. I, I, I, I laughed so hard when they lost. And then, it was 100% karma. I prob-- I will never do that again.

- When the Leafs win in the first round, when the Leafs won in the first round, Omar, I'm just going to let you do whatever you want that episode.


Whatever you want. Just, just, if you want to just talk about Michael Bunting for 20 minutes, I'll just, I'll give you the carpet. I'll let you dictate what we talk about that episode. You, you'll pick the top-- just, just do what you want.

- I'll just be in tears, man. The bar is so low.

- Yeah.

- It's so-- it's hilarious how low the bar is. And they, and they just-- the minute, game one, round two, I'm fine.

- OK.

- I'm OK. Now, everyone else, obviously, will have higher expectations. But for me, I'm OK.

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