1 dead, several injured in Honolulu after shuttle bus crashes outside cruise terminal

One person has died and multiple people were injured in a shuttle bus crash in Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday.

"Nine Carnival Miracle guests were hit by a shuttle bus in the transportation area outside the Honolulu cruise terminal on Friday morning," Matt Lupoli, senior manager of the Carnival Cruise Line, told USA TODAY. "Sadly, one guest has died from her injuries. She was traveling with her husband, who was also injured and is expected to recover."

The shuttle bus crashed into pedestrians and two concrete barriers at the terminal. The shuttle bus driver mistakenly stepped on the gas pedal instead of the break when they attempted to stop the bus from moving, Hawaii News Now reported.

All of the victims were taken to local hospitals and are being treated for their injuries. The victims are in different conditions ranging from serious to stable, the news outlet said.

"Members of the Carnival Care Team are assisting the guests. Our thoughts are with the guests affected and their loved ones," Lupoli said.

USA TODAY has reached out to the Honolulu Police Department and the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services for comment.

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Eyewitnesses share their experience after the Honolulu shuttle bus crash, reports state

Eyewitness told KITV Island News that the relaxing Friday morning turned deadly after the shuttle bus crash.

"We heard the tire of a vehicle screeching," Lillian Le, a visitor from Denver told the broadcast station. "We looked and it was a bus running over people and hit against a wall."

An employee at the complex said he has never experienced this before.

"We saw the first responders coming, it was substantial, probably about 10 a.m., four or five ambulances, two fire trucks, ten cop cars, looked pretty bad - it's really distressing," Mark Elwell, an employee at the complex wher the accident occurred. "I've worked here 21 years, I've never seen anything to this magnitude, really sad to see, obviously people were hurt pretty bad to be taken away by ambulance."

Jessica Lani Rich, a visitor at the Aloha Society of Hawaii told KITV Island News that the woman who died was celebrating her 46th wedding anniversary with her husband.

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