• A London, Ont., couple are the latest targets of online shaming after they pleaded guilty to charges for leaving their puppy locked in a bathroom while they went on vacation last January.A London, Ont., couple are the latest targets of online shaming after they pleaded guilty to charges for leaving their puppy locked in a bathroom while they went on vacation last January.


    An Ontario couple who went on vacation and left their 12-week-old puppy alone in a bathroom are being lambasted on the Internet, the latest targets of online shaming.

    Kyle O’Neill, 26, and Gabrielle Penney, 20, of London pleaded guilty last week to four counts of animal cruelty after they locked their Chihuahua mix puppy in a bathroom and took off on a two-week holiday at the beginning of January.

    The dog was discovered after their landlord received noise complaints and called the London Humane Society. After acquiring a search warrant, workers from the humane society were able to access the apartment on Jan. 6 and rescue the puppy. It has since been adopted.

    Both O’Neill and Penney received sentences of six months of probation, $400 in fees to be paid to the London Humane Society and a 10-year pet ban.

    Dissatisfied with their punishment, London resident and animal lover     created a post on Facebook on Friday night with their names and photo and urged everyone to share it as much

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  • Senate scandals: a brief history

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will make no more appointments to the country’s scandal-plagued Senate, in an effort to pressure provinces to agree to reforms.

    Harper has made that promise before – and gone on to appoint more partisan senators to the upper chamber than any previous prime minister.

    But if the promises of Senate reform are a familiar refrain, so are the scandals that prompt them.

    Modelled on Britain’s much-maligned House of Lords, the Red Chamber is supposed to be the chamber of “sober second thought.” Yet on more than one occasion, it has been anything but.

    “The Senate is a place that seduces everybody,” says J. Patrick Boyer, a former Progressive Conservative MP and author of the book “Our Scandalous Senate.”

    “They learn the rules: sip your scotch slowly and stay out of the news and you’re fine.”

    The “celebrity senators” appointed by Harper – Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau – have simply shone a spotlight on the upper chamber.

    “All of a sudden, all

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  • (Photo via Thinkstock)(Photo via Thinkstock)

    The dogs were kept in a long cement corridor divided into side-by-side barred compartments; Finn Bannerman knew instantly that this was not where they wanted to leave Bruce, their one-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd, border collie mix.

    "My clearest memory is just the noise,” Bannerman says. “There was a lot of barking. There did seem to be a lot of dogs in one room. They each had their own space but it was quite small."

    Having travelled with Bruce from Toronto to Virginia to attend a friend's wedding, Bannerman was not able to visit the kennel prior to leaving him there and because of the hotel's no-dog policy they had no choice but to board him.

    "I found a kennel [online] and it said that they let the dogs play outside quite a bit and it sounded like an okay place. We hadn't left him anywhere prior to this and upon getting to the kennel, we didn't really get to see much of the space."

    They cringe when they recall picking him up the next day. "A concerning outcome after picking

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  • Norman the one-eyed racehorse, who inspired people and children's books, was euthanized Friday after breaking a leg.Norman the one-eyed racehorse, who inspired people and children's books, was euthanized Friday after breaking a leg.

    A one-eyed horse from Ottawa, who inspired several children’s books, is being remembered this week as a gentle giant that leaves behind a legacy of strength and perseverance.

    Norman the one-eyed horse, who died Friday, was once known as Alydeed’s Leader, bred to race like his ancestors.

    The brown beauty came from Canadian racing royalty: his grandfather, Northern Dancer, is considered to be one of the most successful sires of the 20th century, having won both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. His father, Alydeed, won the Canadian Queen’s Plate in 1992.

    In his professional career, which took him from Calgary to Fort Erie, Ont., Norman won two races and placed either second or third in 15.

    “He wasn’t very fast but he was a very big racehorse,” his owner Heather Young tells Yahoo Canada News. “He was just this massive animal with the biggest heart and chose to be gentle even though he’d been through a lot.”

    Young first met her beloved companion in 2010. She was visiting the Heaven

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  • Not everyone can be the next Jack White, but playing the guitar – or piano, or violin – can make students smarter in lots of other areas, according to science.

    But new research from Northwestern University in Chicago suggests learning and playing music sharpens other cognitive skills in young minds – including listening and language.

    “Results showed that students who were the most actively engaged in making music – those who attended class more frequently, those who were judged by their teachers as more engaged, and those who played an instrument rather than taking a music appreciation class – showed greater neural improvement,” Nina Kraus, director of Northwestern’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, told Yahoo News.

    She noted that best improvement was shown in students who studied music consistently for at least two years.

    “Music, then, can’t be thought of as a quick fix.”

    Kraus and her team found intriguing structural similarities between sound waves and brain waves.

    “If you take a

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  • Baby’s first words shock his parents

    "My baby boy Ben said 'I love you' for the first time"

    A child’s first words are always a heart-warming moment for any parent.

    And thankfully, the camera was rolling to capture this baby’s adorable first complete sentence and his dad’s shocked reaction.

    YouTubeuser Ted Moskalenko from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, posted a video on his channel of his three-month-old baby boy saying “I love you.”

    Moskalenko is seen in the short clip holding the infant, named Ben, on his lap and making baby sounds. The two go back and forth babbling, and then the dad tells his three-month-old that he loves him.

    At first there’s complete silence and then Ben looks up at his dad and says “I love you” back. 

    Moskalenko appears to be shocked as he smiles and looks up at his wife, who is filming the unexpected special moment. 

    Although Ben’s first words are a little garbled, both his parents think it counts. 

    Posting alongside the video, Moskalenko wrote: “My baby boy Ben said 'I love you' for the first time.” 

    Ted’s wife, Michelle, commented on the video saying

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  • It's not uncommon for a rapper to drop the microphone before leaving the stage, but then again, Kanye West is far from your typical performer. 

    After weeks or vitriol and petitions aimed at preventing Kanye from performing at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony, it appears the Internet still has plenty to say about the outspoken rapper. But in the Twittersphere’s defence, Kanye pretty much teed this one up for us. 

    Last night, the rapper took the stage during the closing ceremonies at the Roger Centre in Toronto and his performance, even though it was cut short, left the internet buzzing. 

    His set was filled with classics like “Stronger,”  “Power,” “Gold Digger,” and “All Of The Lights.” 

    West began the performance with a small spotlight on him, but eventually the house lights came on, revealing the lone rapper with his blue shirt and ripped jeans on the stage with no backup singers and no visual effects. 

    A fairly modest backdrop for the one who calls himself a "genius," but it was the

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  • Searching something as easy as 'best security practices' can take you down a huge rabbit hole of information that can be hard to digest for some and repetitive and mundane for others. If you're serious about keeping your computer and information safe online, though, Google's new research paper entitled, “...no one can hack my mind”: Comparing Expert and Non-Expert Security Practices, gives a comprehensive breakdown of the mentality between security experts and non-experts alike.

    Here's a quick rundown of the top five security practices from each team brought to you by the Google Online Security Blog:


    Non-Experts' Top Online Safety Practices

    • Use Antivirus Software
    • Use Strong Passwords
    • Change Passwords Frequently
    • Only Visit Websites They Know
    • Don't Share Personal Information


    Experts' Top Online Safety Practices

    • Install Software Updates
    • Use Unique Passwords
    • Use Two-Factor Authentication
    • Use Strong Passwords
    • Use a Password Manager


    Right from the start we do see some similarities

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  • (Twitter/@LUV2BCH_)(Twitter/@LUV2BCH_)

    In the age of social media and over-sharing, it’s nearly impossible to have anything stay a secret.

    A woman allegedly caught cheating on her husband found this out the hard way.

    At a baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves, two sisters were watching a completely different game go down.

    Directly in front of Delana and Brynn Hinson, sat a couple: a man who was watching the ball game, and a woman who was simply watching her phone.

    The woman was texting her friend “Nancy,” but instead of texts they were sexts, and instead of “Nancy” it appeared to be a man named “Mark Allen.”

    The Hinson sisters rushed into action and snapped a photo of the woman’s messages and posted them to Twitter in an attempt to “expose” her.

    “I will be naked… laying on the ground,” one of the text reads.  


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  • If Toronto is looking for a follow-up party to the Pan Am Games, the city should look at hosting the Commonwealth Games. That’s the advice from a business expert who has studied the economics of the Olympic Games.

    “If you want to have a party, try hosting the Commonwealth Games. It’s a cheaper party,” says Tsur Somerville, a professor at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. Affordability is all relative, he tells Yahoo Canada News.

    Toronto and Ontario could, no doubt, find the resources to host the largest athletic competition in the world given the speculation last week about a possible 2024 Olympic bid.

    “The question is whether that’s the best use of resources,” he says. “My advice to Toronto would be Toronto and Ontario have a whole bunch of things that they’re in debt on, that they need to spend money on that strike me as more important. I think I’d get my electrical and transport situation worked out first and then worry about the Olympics.”


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