1-month old twins had blunt-force trauma before being found dead in crib, autopsy shows

Months after officials said 1-month old twins were found dead in their crib, autopsy results have led to the arrest of the babies’ parents.

On Oct. 4, the twins were found unresponsive in their crib, Houston Police Department Assistant Police Chief Patricia Cantu said at a news conference.

Police said at the time that the twins had just been fed before their father left home to drop off his wife somewhere. When he returned, he found them in the crib unresponsive, McClatchy News previously reported.

“The dispatcher was able to provide CPR instructions, and the father provided aid until the ambulance arrived. Unfortunately the twins did not survive,” Cantu said in October.

Both babies were pronounced dead at the scene, according to an April 20 news release from the Houston Police Department.

Initially, police said there were no visible signs of trauma. However, months later, autopsy results showed both twins had signs of injuries, police said.

“An autopsy by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences determined the infants suffered blunt force trauma,” police said.

The twins’ parents, Angelina Belinda Calderon, 21, and Fernando Vega, 21, are each charged with two counts of injury to a child-serious bodily injury, police said.

According to court documents, the autopsy showed one infant had multiple fractures, including to the left femur, ribs and clavicle, some new and some possibly weeks old, KHOU reported. The results said the rib fractures “were not consistent with chest compressions from CPR.” The other infant suffered from similar injuries and a frontal head fracture, KHOU reported.

Both infants were found to be malnourished, according to KTRK.

Attorney information for Calderon and Vega was not available in court documents.

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