10 Shows Like “Bluey” to Watch Now

These animated characters explore imaginary worlds and learn important life lessons

<p>Ludo Studio/Disney Junior</p> Bluey, The Sign

Ludo Studio/Disney Junior

Bluey, The Sign

Bluey has been a favorite among kids and parents alike since its release in 2018.

It’s not easy to find a children's TV show made for toddlers that can also draw in adults, but Bluey manages to do just that. The Australian-based series, which can be streamed on Disney+, follows 7-year-old Bluey, a Blue Heeler puppy, and her family — her sister Bingo, father Bandit, and mother Chilli — as they navigate family dynamics and growing up.

Bluey episodes are entertaining and engaging for toddlers and older kids, but the animated show is also emotional and clever, as the themes featured feel relatable, especially for families.

Apart from the storylines, the 7-minute-long episodes feature muted colors, a slower pace and soothing music, making it an easy watch for kids and parents.

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With only three seasons out so far, though, many fans have already done multiple rewatches, and while Bluey producer Sam Moor confirmed that there would be more episodes coming in the future, the waiting game can be hard.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other TV shows like Bluey that kids and parents can enjoy watching together. Some feature similarly calm graphics and music, while others touch on the same emotional topics, and all are fun to watch.

Here’s a look at the TV shows like Bluey to start streaming now.

Sarah & Duck

<p>BBC</p> 'Sarah and Duck'.


'Sarah and Duck'.

British show Sarah & Duck is similar to Bluey because, while made for children, it has an adult fanbase as well.

The show centers on the friendship between 7-year-old Sarah and her best friend, Duck. The main characters are accompanied by others like Scarf Lady, Bag and Donkey, who all help promote inclusivity and diversity.

Each episode teaches lessons about problem-solving, friendship and imagination, but it's also silly and sweet.

Though it's aimed at kids, the content feels smart enough for parents to enjoy, too.

Watch Sarah & Duck on Amazon Prime Video


<p>CBeebies</p> 'Octonauts'.



Originally produced for the BBC, Octonauts follows a group of eight animals who live in an undersea base dubbed the Octopod.

They go on undersea adventures using aquatic vehicles, and each episode focuses on different real marine animals and exotic underwater creatures.

Unlike a lot of kids' shows, Octonauts doesn’t have a big focus on emotional, social or family issues, so it’s different from Bluey in that way.

However, the fun action-adventure show is full of interesting facts, and the episodes are also similarly short, at just 11 minutes long.

Watch Octonauts on Netflix

Puffin Rock

<p>Netflix</p> 'Puffin Rock'.


'Puffin Rock'.

Puffin Rock, which originally aired in Ireland, follows Oona, a preschool-aged female Atlantic puffin, and her little brother Baba as they excitedly explore the world.

Other notable characters include Mama and Papa Puffin, Oona’s best friend Mossy (a brown Eurasian Pygmy shrew) and friends like May (a rabbit) and Silky (a harbor seal).

Set on the coast of northern Ireland, each episode teaches viewers something new about their habitat as well as the animals encountered, but the storylines also have messages about courage, friendship and family.

Like Bluey, Puffin Rock is heartwarming and sweet, with touching moments everyone can appreciate.

Watch Puffin Rock on Netflix

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

PBS Kids Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
PBS Kids Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

For parents who grew up watching Mister Rogers, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is the more modern, updated version as it's based on the Neighborhood of Make-Believe from the original series.

It focuses on Daniel Tiger, who is growing up alongside his parents and friends, including Katerina Kittycat, Miss Elaina, O the Owl and Prince Wednesday.

The series features catchy music, cute graphics and an overall low-stimulating experience.

Parents will enjoy watching it as much as they enjoy Bluey, thanks to nostalgic elements that are a nod to Mister Rogers and themes that teach kids wholesome lessons about emotional intelligence, kindness and respect.

Watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS Kids and Amazon Prime


PBS Kids Arthur
PBS Kids Arthur

Since the ‘90s, Arthur has been a beloved kids show: The show first premiered in 1996 and ran for 25 seasons, with new content still appearing on PBS Kids.

The cartoon series follows Arthur Read, an aardvark in the third grade living in Elwood City, as well as his family, including his father David, mother Jane, sisters D.W. and Kate and his dog, Pal. Many appearances are made by a diverse array of friends, like Alan “Brain” Powers and Shelly “Binky” Barnes.

With over 250 episodes to stream, Arthur covers important topics and teaches kids positive lessons about respect, friendship and patience. Most importantly, it's light-hearted and full of memorable moments that children can revisit whenever they like.

Watch Arthur on PBS Kids and Amazon Prime

Trash Truck

<p>NETFLIX</p> 'Trash Truck'.


'Trash Truck'.

Trash Truck was created by Max Keane and is based on his own toddler’s love of garbage trucks.

The show centers on 6-year-old Hank and his best friend, a giant trash truck. Each episode starts with Hank waiting to see the trash truck arrive on his street, and then the two go on fun adventures together, along with friends like Donny the raccoon and Walter the bear.

Trash Truck is low-stimulating and features calming music, graphics and colors like Bluey. The show doesn’t hit viewers over the head with important lessons; instead it focuses more on fostering imaginations and creativity.

Watch Trash Truck on Netflix

Curious George

<p>PBS Kids</p> 'Curious George'.

PBS Kids

'Curious George'.

Curious George is an animated show that has been a favorite among kids and parents for decades.

The series originally aired in 1982 and was reprised in 2006, when it ran for another 15 seasons before ending in 2022. It’s about iconic children’s characters George and The Man with the Yellow Hat and their adventures in the city.

There is also an eclectic group of supporting characters, like Chef Pisghetti, the Doorman, Professor Wiseman and Steve and Betsy.

In each episode, George's curiosity and lively spirit lead him into unexpected dilemmas, and he discovers more about himself and the world with the help of his friends. It inspires kids to be just as curious and ready to explore.

It can even teach parents a valuable lesson in how to help kids who get into everything because of the way The Man in the Yellow Hat handles these situations. It’s nostalgic for parents and entertaining for all ages, similar to Bluey.

Watch Curious George on Hulu and Peacock

Chip and Potato

<p>COURTESY OF NETFLIX</p> 'Chip and Potato'.


'Chip and Potato'.

Originally aired in Canada, Chip and Potato takes on important issues with colorful graphics.

The cartoon focuses on Chip, a kindergarten-aged pug, and her best friend Potato, a little mouse who seems like a toy to everyone else but is a real mouse with Chip. Other characters include Chip's siblings Spud and Totsy Tot, best friend Nico and Little Momma and Little Poppa.

Each episode focuses on a new issue Chip is facing, and there is an emphasis on how to deal with different obstacles, especially when parents aren’t around. Young toddlers may also begin to understand the ups and downs of kindergarten.

Watch Chip and Potato on Netflix

The Adventures of Paddington

<p>StudioCanal</p> 'The Adventures Of Paddington'.


'The Adventures Of Paddington'.

The Adventures of Paddington is based on the bestselling Paddington Bear books.

In every episode, Paddington writes a letter to his Aunt Lucy in Peru about the adventures he has had that day throughout the city of London. He is curious and funny, and it’s also fun to have a book series kids can read along with.

While the show mainly focuses on Paddington, it also features a large cast of lovable characters, such as Henry, Mary Brown and Mrs. Bird.

Like Bluey, The Adventures of Paddington tackles different topics kids can start considering. Paddington is kind and polite and teaches kids about manners, but there are also lessons about learning new things and being resourceful.

Watch The Adventures of Paddington on Amazon Prime Video and Paramount Plus

Little Bear

<p>CBC</p> 'Little Bear'.


'Little Bear'.

The Canadian TV series Little Bear is based on the Little Bear book series, and although new episodes stopped being aired in 2001 after six years on the air, the show remains a classic.

Each episode takes on the adventures Little Bear has in the forest. The series also features his parents, Mother Bear and Father Bear, as well as his friends, Emily, Duck, Hen, Cat and Owl. There are lots of other characters that show up along the way, and it’s great for kids who love animals.

Little Bear is simplistic, but in a good way: It teaches kids so much about the power of the imagination and has a big focus on family dynamics, like Bluey.

Watch Little Bear on Paramount Plus

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