11-year-old girl breaks away as next-door neighbor gets into her bed, Utah cops say

A neighbor who entered the house next-door to use the bathroom climbed into bed with an 11-year-old girl, Utah police reported.

The neighbor tried to make “increased physical contact” with the girl until she was able to “break away,” the Ephraim Police Department said in an April 15 news release.

The incident took place Sunday, April 14, police said. The girl’s family called 911 and reported she had been “touched wrong,” police said.

The suspect, whose name and age were not released, left the home and drove away, but police later located and arrested him, police said.

He faces charges of burglary, attempted rape of a child, drug possession and consuming alcohol and possessing tobacco as a minor, police said.

Ephraim is about a 120-mile drive southwest from Salt Lake City.

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