12-Year-Old Boy Shocks Guests with Cheeky Impromptu Speech During His Mom's Wedding Reception

In a now-viral video, the bride's son Declan Martin sent guests into fits of laughter after he grabbed the microphone to share a few funny remarks

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a man tapping a fork against a champagne glass


A stock image of a man tapping a fork against a champagne glass

A 12-year-old Scottish boy has gone viral after delivering a hilariously sassy speech at his mother's wedding.

In a video of the moment shared on Facebook by videographer Black Fern Media, Declan Martin — who served as ring bearer for the nuptials — can be seen standing with a microphone in his hand as he addresses his mother and new stepfather, along with their guests, at the reception.

He began by telling his mother, "I love you the most," before putting his hand on his stepfather Grant's shoulder and saying, "You're second best, womp, womp. I'm sorry pal, you're not the best."

The newlyweds both enthusiastically laughed at Declan's off-the-cuff remarks, but it seems the boy was just warming up. He then shouted out his father, who didn't attend the wedding: "I wanna thank my dad even though he's not here, because if he didn't do my mum then I wouldn't be here."

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USA, New York State, Old Westbury, Table with champagne bottle and wedding cake - stock photo

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As the room filled with loud clapping and laughter, Declan tried to regain the floor, saying, "Calm your jets, calm your jets," as he made hand motions directing his audience to quiet down.

He then continued, "By the end of the night I want you all to be drunk as hell," before dropping the mic and leaving the reception room to go outside as everyone cheered for him.

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Declan's mother, Leah, told The Scottish Sun that there was no plan for her son to give a speech at her wedding celebration in Dumfries, Scotland. However, after Leah's father said a few words, Declan got inspired and requested a chance to speak.

"Just before my dad's speech ended, he whispered to me, 'Mum, can I say something as well?' so I was like, 'Absolutely,' " she recalled to the outlet. "He is such an outgoing, wee boy when he is just with me and Grant or with his dad Eddie and stepmum Kirsty."

"But when he is in a crowd or with strangers he is painfully shy, so it was a huge surprise he wanted to say something," she added.

As for Declan's comedic speech, Leah said she was definitely not expecting it.

"I had absolutely no idea he was going to say that, as you can see from my face in the video, but that's just Declan," she told The Scottish Sun.

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Leah noted that prior to the reception, Declan had swapped his more formal ceremony attire for casual clothes, which only added to the effect of his impromptu moment at the mic.

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"He just got up there with his baseball cap and shorts and T-shirt on and said what he was thinking. It was brilliant. Definitely the standout memory of the day," she said, adding that Declan's father later got to watch the video and see his son in action.

"Eddie thought it was hilarious too when we sent him the video," she continued.

As for Declan, he is feeling pretty pleased with the reaction to his wedding speech. "Declan can't believe it has gone viral. He is delighted with himself," his mom said.

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