13 Brazen People Who Were Hit With Brutal Comebacks That Made Them Instantly Regret Opening Their Mouths

1.The know-it-all:

Three tweets in a thread discussing if spiders drink beer; the last tweet contains strong language

2.The unloader:

Tweet shows empty warehouse where no one showed up for work; below, sarcastic reply mocking the situation

3.The Barbie barbarian:

Tweets criticizing and defending a new Barbie movie, highlighting a divided reaction among fans

4.The historian:

Two social media comments debating the cause of the Civil War and Lincoln's motives
u/Low_Analyst_576 / Via reddit.com

5.The male staff:

School girls in uniforms with a comment on dress codes and work environment for male staff

6.The Dairy Queen dilemma:

A Twitter conversation highlighting the disparity between a living wage and jobs like ice cream making, with one user questioning the necessity for such jobs

7.The lake:

A Twitter conversation thread with users and @LakeSuperior discussing water's non-lethal qualities.
u/abaganoush / Via reddit.com

8.The fan:

Screen capture of a text message exchange with a humorous response about defining a woman, popular online with high engagement

9.The conspiracy theorist:

Two social media posts making anagrams from "Delta" and "Omicron" to spell "MEDIA CONTROL" and "EROTIC ALMOND."

10.The anti-vaxxer:

Tweet exchange: User expresses regret refusing vaccine, another comments on not talking to deceased

11.The rivals:

Sign at a high school with a grammar error, cheerleaders holding a corrected version of the sign

12.The game:

Meme expressing a view on modern dating with a humorous reply mentioning a PlayStation

13.And finally, the harsh truth:

The image shows two tweets: one expressing a wish to choose baby fathers and another threatening to hurt feelings in response

H/T: r/MurderedByWords