16 Brain-Rattling Photos Of People, Places, And Things That Have Existed For Over 100 Years

In a time when AI is stealing jobs, cars are driving themselves, and people can get famous by uploading a video of themselves farting on social media, it feels crucial to look back on our past and appreciate how far we've advanced (some might say declined) as a society. Here are 17 photos of people, places, and things that existed over 100 years ago and will make you marvel at the passage of time:

1."My great-great-aunt's 100-year-old nursing kit has a vile full of cocaine tablets and a syringe":

A vintage nursing kit

2."My buddy found a box of 100-year-old nudes in his wall":

Vintage photos spread on a table, some featuring risque poses, alongside an open book

3.This 100-year-old drawing tool that reflects the image you're sketching onto your paper:

Person uses a camera lucida, an antique drawing tool, to sketch a building

4.This giant 100-year-old clam:

A 100-year-old clam

5."A 100-year-old woman unboxing sneakers she inspired":

Elderly person sitting, holding a shoe with text overlay about being 100 years old and finding the shoe beautiful

6."This 100-year-old perfume bottle that glows under blacklight":

Hand holding a perfume bottle with intricate design, illuminated by light, presented in a box

7.This 100-year-old house in Denmark:

A quaint house with a garden pathway and an arch covered with vines

8.This 100-year-old veiner — a machine used to press silk into petal shapes, by the last remaining artificial flower maker in NYC:

Hands shaping metal with a machine, crafting intricate objects
Bernadette Banner / Via youtube.com

9."This is a scene from Peter Jackson's documentary film They Shall Not Grow Old, detailing soldiers' initial reactions to the announcement of the end of WWI. The footage has been restored and is now over 100 years old":

Group of soldiers in historical uniforms smiling; a caption mentions a war-related rumor
Warner Bros. Pictures
Group of smiling soldiers in historical uniforms gathered around a goat, capturing camaraderie. Text: anecdote about knowledge
Warner Bros. Pictures
Five soldiers celebrating, waving hats, caption reads "on the 11th of November 1918."
Warner Bros. Pictures

10."My great-grandpa's over 108-year-old $1 prom ticket":

Hand holding a vintage invitation to P.C.H.S. Junior Prom at Island Pavilion on May 26, 1916

11."This suit is 103 years old now":

Vintage-style suit displayed with pinstripe trousers, chain accessory, and patterned tie

12."Found these glass goggles in the wall of our 100-year-old home":

Vintage metal tea strainer with open lid, resting on a table
prodigyrun / Via reddit.com

13."We took a 100-year-old cabinet and an old bowling alley lane and made a kitchen island":

Kitchen island with a butcher block top and white stools, equipped with shelves and storage space
soup1335 / Via reddit.com

14."Found an over-100-year-old time capsule in my backyard":

Assorted vintage items on a table, including an old tin, a photograph, coins, and paper cutouts with festive messages

15."I was told this was a green amethyst and haggled to $42. I took it to a jeweler to have it appraised. Turns out it’s a rare green diamond, 4.4 carat, over 100 years old, and conservatively worth more than $8k!":

Hand wearing a large gemstone ring

16.And finally, "The coziest place in my dad's 100+-year-old farmhouse in Ontario":

Dog sleeping in a bed beside a wood stove, with fireplace tools nearby
Dad_breath / Via reddit.com