Prepare To Be Fuming: 17 Photos That Will Send Your Blood Pressure Through The Roof

1."My husband is a repair technician working on their fridge."

Handwritten note with instructions for a delivery person taped to a door, personal details obscured

2."Can't believe my view on the plane."

Two passengers intertwined and laying on a plane

3."Entire library is empty. Random girl came and sat RIGHT next to me."

An empty library with a person's belongings on the next table

4."My cousin and her kid are staying with us for a while, and this is what she usually gives her 5-year-old son for breakfast."

Half-eaten chocolate bar on a plate beside a tablet showing a YouTube video

5."We all know about 'shrinkflation.' Can I coin the term 'trickflation?'"

Two soda cans with the same amount of liquid and one for a higher price

6."Someone dared to put their foot on my arm rest on a flight."

Person's sock-covered foot wedged between airplane seats, humorously appearing hand-like

7."Took my parents out to dinner for my birthday but they leave every 30 minutes to smoke."

Two glasses of beverage with a pizza on a table, menus featuring Italian landmarks are visible

8."My wife found this in the break room today."

Handwritten note saying "Closing early due to undependable teenagers. SORRY" on a table

9."Received a paw print after putting our cat down. This is not our cat. Our cat is a polydactyl and has five toes in her back paws."

Circular object with raised paw print and "SNOWBELL" text, suggesting a pet keepsake

10."My boyfriend can't make anything for himself."

A screenshot of a humorous text conversation where one person persistently offers tea, while the other repeatedly declines

11."What my roommate bought for her turn to replace the dish soap."

Person holding a tiny Palmolive dish soap bottle over a sink

12."My mother-in-law sterilized my daughter's bottles in a pot of boiling water."

Melted baby bottle on a fabric surface, showcasing deformation from heat

13."I found this note in the elevator at my hotel."

Handwritten notes on a crumpled paper list various issues with HVAC and renovations, marked with checkmarks and circles

14."I had an exam."

Smartphone screenshot showing a notification about a missed alarm due to low volume, with Bluetooth and data toggled on

15."My house burned down two months ago, and I'm in a fight with the insurance company. My neighbor has concerns."

Screenshot of a text conversation with a neighbor expressing concern over an issue and asking about an insurance plan

16."The 'suggested tips' section on the receipt from the hipster bar we were just at."

Receipt shows suggested tips of 99%, 25%, and 75% with unusually high tip amounts

17.And finally, "My husband said he stopped pissing off the deck at night..."

Footprints on the edge of a patio

H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating