MLM Scams, Cheating Spouses, And 15 Other Suuuper Awkward Text Messages People Sent

1.This MLM scammer who forgot to change her recruiting template:

The initial message invites the recipient to join a new adventure and asks if they would watch an info video; the response declines the invitation and suggests checking the template used
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2.This guy who decided to show off his bank account to impress a woman:

Text message saying "hey" with a flirty emoji and a screenshot showing a bank account balance with $330.31 in checking and $4,000.00 in savings
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Text conversation where one person tries to flirt and sends a screenshot of their bank account; the other asks why, and they respond that it's to show how much they have
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3.This guy a woman met online who called her the wrong name...and then HAD to change the subject to this:

A text conversation where one person apologizes for messaging the wrong person, thinking it was Pamela; the other corrects them and says their name is not Pamela
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4.This unsuccessful opener:

A text message conversation where a tennis ball emoji appears twice: the sender apologizes for the ball, asks how the recipient is, then the recipient tells them to take it back and "have it back and f*** off"
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5.This person who forgot their friend was saying goodbye to her grandfather today:

Text message conversation, first person says, "I'm so bored I want to die;" response shows a photo of a person in bed with an emoji covering the face and says, "Grandpa says same;" The reply is is, "Oh my god I'm sorry."
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6.This guy who went on one date with this person two YEARS ago but keeps...texting:

Text conversation showing various messages from different dates, with a guy asking to meet up repeatedly with no reply
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7.This person who sent their dad a Father's Day message (and it's also their birthday):

Screen showing a "Love you, happy father's day" message sent within a chat app at 12:08 PM, followed by a large thumbs-up reaction
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8.This guy who kept DM'ing this person then decided he "dodged a bullet":

Text exchange: "U single?" "Nope, I have a bf" "Thank God Dodged that Bullet gg" with thumbs-up emoji reactions
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9.This coworker who "accidentally" sent this message:

Text conversation discussing plans; one person invites another to a boxing event, but they can't go due to traveling to Amsterdam, the person says: "Thanks gorgeous; oops, sent that to the wrong person, sorry"
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10.And this "accidental" text from a married neighbor:

  u/ergoegthatis / Via
u/ergoegthatis / Via

11.This group leader who got jealous:

A chat conversation. One person says they were kicked out of a group for being disrespectful, and the group's owner wants to be the most liked person in the group
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12.This dad who made SURE his message was sent:

Text conversation: Dad repeatedly texts "Will pick you up" ten times; the recipient replies, "I don't think I will be up to it," then "You have texted me that 9 times now please stop;" Dad sends two more "Will pick you up."

13.This person who changed their mind:

A text conversation where one person suggests making out, the other responds skeptically, then admits to using drugs, and receives a sarcastic response that says, "Oh that's good"
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14.This person who tried their best:

Text conversation between two people; person one says they found the other's information through social media, apologizes if it felt creepy, and then flirts
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15.This woman who forgot she lied to this person about her number a year later:

A text from 2019 says they met at the bar last night and she gave him her number, the response says must be a wrong number; but then a year later the same number texts about a group project they're in together
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16.This person's response after inappropriately calling someone "baby":

The first person says "hi baby," the second says "don't call me that," and the first claims they were using speech to text and talking to their baby cousin
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17.And finally, this grandma who may have been trying to do a Google search:

A series of three text messages reads "how do you clean poo stains from a rug, rug stains, poo stains google"
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