19 People Who Bragged About Being A Genius Online (Spoiler Alert: They Were, In Fact, Not Geniuses)

19 People Who Bragged About Being A Genius Online (Spoiler Alert: They Were, In Fact, Not Geniuses)

Remember in Game of Thrones when Tywin Lannister said "Any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king"?

Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones sits by the Iron Throne, caption reads a quote about true kingship

Well, the same goes for intelligence. If someone's bragging about their IQ and how smart they are, you can bet that they're probably not actually that smart. Here are some prime examples:

1.This project partner sounds like a real gem to work with.

Conversation screenshots from messaging app discussing confusion over who did the majority of work on a PowerPoint research project
u/Ejaekaterina / Via reddit.com

2."I'm not in the top 1%, but I do want to insert myself into this conversation."

Reddit screenshot: users discuss being in the top 1%, with a focus on IQ scores and misunderstanding the initial question
u/DASLKOPWRT / Via reddit.com

3.I shudder to think what he said on Christmas.

Text messages discussing New Year's celebration preferences with a philosophical stance on time
u/pseudo_potatoes / Via reddit.com

4.I'm also metaphysically not funny. :(

Meme with globes comparing "Indonesia" and larger "Outdonesia," with comments discussing the humor in the image
u/TheWuho / Via reddit.com

5.Well, then, it wouldn't be science. It would be philosophy.

A screenshot of tweets discussing how scientists generally look for evidence to support their theories rather than the opposite
u/WeAreAllMadHere_ / Via reddit.com

6.*Backs away slowly*

Tweet expressing preference for mental stimulation over physical acts for personal gratification
u/dmorissette / Via reddit.com

7.Pour one out for the guy who is cursed by math.

Summary of a meme contrasting typical late-night activity with an unexpected interest in hyperbolic functions, using humor. #mathismycurse
u/StopTheMadness85 / Via reddit.com

8.Uh oh, he's so smart that now he's the Joker!

The image contains a Reddit post where a user shares concerns about uncontrollable laughter in serious situations and seeks advice
u/Talbertross / Via reddit.com

9.This is just...wow.

A screenshot of a social media conversation about Wi-Fi channels and frequency bands with humorous misunderstandings

10.Cool, I use the blue one. 💙

Tweet with a question about heart emoji use, and a reply stating preference for English language over emoji due to prose clarity
u/Allen_MacGyverson / Via reddit.com

11.Yeah, because that's what makes or breaks the argument.

Meme featuring a tweet about how a dollar a day since 1 AD sums to over a billion, with a humorous response about the dollar's history
u/Polygeekism / Via reddit.com

12.That's...not a good thing.

Profile screenshot with a boastful caption about fitting more words in a sentence than a professor in a class
u/CaptainCroutons / Via reddit.com

13.The fact that Trump's The Art of the Deal is on his list is about all you need to know.

Screenshot of a humorous text exchange with a dating app match discussing book titles with altered funny names
u/jkaeagle / Via reddit.com

14.Bro. It's, like, 99% action scenes.

Tweet by user 'ICET' praising the John Wick movie franchise. Another user replies with a critical comment
u/sarahmish / Via reddit.com

15.It's only 10 a.m.!!!!

Text content: A person shares they now cite books in conversations, backing their words with quotes and noting they quoted Aristotle twice by 10 am
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

16.I think there's another word that would fit, but it's definitely not "genius."

Teacher explaining calculus on a whiteboard; below are YouTube comments reacting to the video
u/Mkanpur / Via reddit.com

17.Here's a Ben Shapiro classic.

Tweet by Ben Shapiro criticizing the phrase 'renewable energy' in relation to the first law of thermodynamics, with hashtags tcot and teaparty
Ben Shapiro / Via Twitter: @benshapiro

18."While I've yet to attend a university, I've got a Masters level education." Oh this oughta be goooooood.

A screenshot of an online debate on education and economics with several users participating
u/A6er / Via reddit.com

19. And finally, please enjoy Bill Mitchell losing his mind over Seth Rogen ignoring him.

Twitter: @Sethrogen

Text message conversation showing someone apologizing and another expressing surprise at recent news
Screenshot of Bill Mitchell and Seth Rogen's text exchange

Twitter: @Sethrogen