Connecticut school shooting victim lived in Winnipeg: reports

One of the 20 children who died in a shooting massacre at a Connecticut elementary school on Friday had recently moved to the U.S. state from Winnipeg, according to reports.

Jimmy Greene moved his family, including a school-age son and daughter, from Winnipeg to Newtown, Conn., in July, according to family and friends in the Manitoba capital.

A number of reports have said Greene's daughter, Ana, died in Friday's shooting.

Terry Janke, the church's senior pastor, told CBC News that Greene has confirmed Ana's death to a congregation member.

Reached by phone, Greene's family told CBC News that one of the children, a boy, was fine. However, they would not confirm the status of the girl.

Greene is a U.S. jazz musician who was a faculty member at the University of Manitoba's school of music for three years before his family moved to Newtown.

Winnipeg musician Steve Kirby, who is close friends with Greene's family, described the children as "really bright" and talented.

"Really talented, beautiful children. Picture-book children, and obedient and spiritual — you know, the kind of kids you want moving in next door," he said.

A couple of dozen adults and children attended a vigil for Greene's family at the Winnipeg church on Friday night.

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