2024 New York International Auto Show Editors' Top 5 Picks

The New York Auto Show, like many other shows over the past few years, has shrunk. But it's still playing host to some interesting reveals, and we even got a few surprises this year. It was dominated by Nissan and Hyundai Motor Group products, but ones running the gamut from affordable cars to flagship SUVs. It was a strange situation of being both quite diverse in reveals, and not at all, depending on how you looked at it. Our favorites of the show are a clear representation of that. And another interesting observation, only one of the picks was significantly electrified. Scroll down to see the best reveals of the New York Auto Show,.

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5. Nissan Kicks

"The Nissan Kicks has gone from a reasonably attractive and small crossover into something way more funky with cool textures, color combinations and some actual presence. Plus, it's more spacious, more powerful and has available all-wheel drive. If Nissan can keep the price nice and low to compete with similarly stylish and well-executed competition like the Chevy Trax, the company's got a real winner on its hands." – News Editor Joel Stocksdale

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4. Infiniti QX80

"The QX80 wasn't technically shown at the New York Auto Show, but it was revealed just a week prior at Hudson Yards – accross the street, in other words. Frankly, I wasn't blown away by the initial photos, but I think it looks great in person. The attention to detail both outside and in seem appropriate for an SUV that Infiniti hopes to sell for six figures loaded up. I'm a believer." – Associate Editor Byron Hurd

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3. Kia K4 Sedan

"The Kia K4 interior has way more style than anything in the compact car price range has any business having. Now, if we don't get the green interior option shown in the initial global reveal photos, I'm retracting several of my points here. Otherwise, wowza. I kept looking and looking at that K4 interior photo, and finding new, interesting details to admire. Oh, and the exterior is pretty cool, too, though I do prefer the hatchback in that regard." – Senior Editor, West Coast, James Riswick

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2. Genesis GV60 Magma

"I am psyched to see Genesis show off a proper performance car. The “Sport” trims on its various models are sort of neat, but the Magma brand looks like the real deal. Debuting Magma with the GV60 is a sweet start, too, especially knowing how seriously the Hyundai Group is taking performance EVs with the Ioniq 5 N and EV6 GT. The execution looks promising with all the extravagant aero and spicy, orange seats. Now I just want to see Genesis apply this treatment across its whole lineup, and quickly." – Road Test Editor Zac Palmer

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1. Kia K4 Hatchback

"Kia made design one of its strengths, and it's flexing with the surprise reveal of the K4 hatch. As car journalists, we love hatches and wagons, but they have to be authentic, and the K4 hatch brings the goods. While the K4 sedan will replace the Forte, the hatchback sibling elevates the excitement with something new. It has the looks of a shooting brake while promising crossover capability. Americans like crossovers, but I've long argued they'd again like wagons if done right. Enter the K4 hatch." – Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore

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