22-year-old mama gorilla is pregnant again at Utah zoo. See Pele and her ultrasound

A mama gorilla is pregnant again, and the Utah zoo is showing off her ultrasound.

Pele, 22, a western Iowland gorilla, came to Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo in 2022 as part of a breeding program in the Gorilla Species Survival Plan, according to an April 12 Facebook post by the zoo.

The video posted by the zoo shows the baby’s “tiny feet.”

The “little one” was fathered by Husani, 32, who already has 3-year-old Georgia with Jabali, 19, zoo officials said.

Gorillas usually give birth around the 8.5-month mark, and Pele is six months pregnant, officials said.

Zoo officials said “both mom and baby are doing well.”

Crew members were able to grab an ultrasound from Pele and teams are frequently monitoring her, officials said.

Pele has given birth in the past and has “proven to be a successful mother,” the zoo said.

Zoo officials began training behaviors so Pele is comfortable with keepers being around her and the baby.

Pele’s pregnancy will continue to be monitored, and zoo officials will provide updates, the post said.

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