Maybe I'm Being Paranoid, But I'm Really Starting To Get The Feeling I Was Not Meant To See These 26 Weird Photos

Maybe I'm Being Paranoid, But I'm Really Starting To Get The Feeling I Was Not Meant To See These 26 Weird Photos

1.This person who borrowed a book, only to find that the previous reader used HAIR as a bookmark:

A person's hand is holding a napkin with hair on it, placed on an open scientific textbook
u/VeniceVenerini / Reddit / Via

2.This hyper-realistic ear-shaped phone case that is equally as well done as it is absolutely, undeniably horrifying:

Phone case shaped like a human ear held in a person's hand
u/MuricasOneBrainCell / Reddit / Via

3.This person, who went to put away their sunglasses and found...their sunglasses?

Two identical pairs of sunglasses on a wooden surface with a surprised text overlay about doubling items
u/No_Attitude_3386 / Reddit / Via

4.This ransom note-esque letter someone received in the mail, which would certainly change my answer from, "Alright, actually" to "I will never close my eyes again, thanks!":

Paper with cutout letters glued on, spelling "Hi Tammy... How do you sleep at night?" held inside a car
u/The-Real-Iggy / Reddit / Via

5.This downstairs tenant who is perhaps living in the greatest nightmare of all — their upstairs neighbor dropped a quart of milk on the floor, and it's horrifyingly dripping down into their apartment:

A bucket catches water drips under a leak by a closed black door indoors

6.This hospital door with COFFIN-SHAPED WINDOWS that would certainly not make me feel great about my odds of making it out of there alive:

Wooden double doors with vertical handles and coffin-shaped windows. Arrows on floor pointing towards doors
u/BESTlittleBITCH / Reddit / Via

7.This phantom statue in Italy that is actually just a throwback photo of me in my teenage emo era during any family vacation:

Sculpture resembling a cloaked figure without a face overlooks a tranquil lake and mountains

8.This person, whose delivery order came sealed with an "evidence" sticker, which is making me wonder...was it ALREADY evidence...or is it poisoned and is GOING TO BE evidence???

A red and white evidence bag with a tamper-proof seal and a partially visible document
u/wormholetrafficjam / Reddit / Via

9.This cranial MRI that looks like a creepypasta from, like, 2010:

MRI scan of a human head section, without naming individuals
u/PatternConnect4039 / Reddit / Via

10.This person who somehow found a way to make a speculum even more horrifying:

A hand holds a vintage metal manual bean slicer with beans inside against a wooden background
u/babyEatingUnicorn / Reddit / Via

11.This abandoned home in Poland that could not be giving more "cursed house a family moves into in the opening scene of a horror movie" energy if it tried:

Wrought iron gate partially open leading to an abandoned house with overgrown vegetation
u/Monsur_Ausuhnom / Reddit / Via

12.This person, who bought a house and discovered old-timey photos of the property's original owners in the attic that haven't been moved since 1960. Correct me if I'm wrong — but this sounds just like a haunting waiting to happen, right???

Two framed pictures leaning against a wall in a dim, dusty space

13.This grumpy cat who fell face-first into a bowl of flour and came out looking like a demon from a 2000s horror movie:

Two images of a black cat with eerie white facial markings next to a plant and bowl
u/Stephen_Is_handsome / Reddit / Via

14.This beautiful, unique succulent tha- haha, just kidding, it's actually completely covered in BEES:

Potted succulent plant with thick leaves in a textured pot on a balcony

Respectfully, that plant belongs to the bees now.

u/Splintercell581 / Reddit / Via

15.This person, who was gone for the night and came home to find that the door to their crawlspace was inexplicably opened:

Ceiling with an open access panel and a hanging moon decoration near windows with a framed picture on the wall

16.This absolute angel of a baby doll that some poor souls found while renovating their new house (which, personally, would make me put that thing right back on the market):

A doll with a scary face paint lying in overgrown grass
u/Sir_Gameboy / Reddit / Via

17.This person, who had a pizza delivered for dinner (see square in lower right corner) and went out to get it right away...only to find that the delivery person left absolutely no footprints???

Footprints forming a path on a snow-covered ground, illuminated by light from the upper right corner

18.The poor soul who woke up to this fun and cute text message that doesn't at all read like a threat:

Text message on phone screen with ominous warning to cherish the little time left; option to report as spam is visible
u/MemeStocksYolo69-420 / Reddit / Via

19.This driver who took their "baby on board" sign a little too seriously:

A truck's rear window features a decal simulating a child and dog peering out. Bumper stickers and a license plate are visible
u/Jcaseykcsee / Reddit / Via

20.This void cat who appears to be shape-shifting before our very eyes:

Black cat with intense eyes sitting in shadow, partial light casting silhouette on wall
u/VonGooberschnozzle / Reddit / Via

21.This creepy, face-shaped pie that — for the record — I'd probably still eat, but I'd feel realllll weird about it:

Mask resembling a face placed on top of wrapped furniture, barcode labels visible
u/Remarkable-Way4986 / Reddit / Via

22.This Swiss cheese with only one hole that has a very ominous energy for some reason:

Hand holding a square object with a circular hole in the center

It just feels.........wrong.

u/MoroseOverdose / Reddit / Via

23.*checks notes* This downed power line that turned the sidewalk into a cool-as-hell looking puddle of BOILING GLASS when it hit it:

Bird droppings with berries on concrete
u/elvisBOY / Reddit / Via

24.This pear that looks like an apple and this apple that looks like a pear, which obviously came from a parallel universe where everything is just sliiightly different:

An apple and a pear side by side on a light surface
u/BaconManTenus / Reddit / Via

25.This driver who just wanted some cute Baymax seat covers for their car but instead ended up with this, which is giving more of a "scientists in hazmat suits following a potentially extinction-causing virus" kinda vibe:

A Tesla car parked outdoors, with two large plush bears positioned in the front seats
u/fake_zack / Reddit / Via

26.And finally, this bag that had absolutely no business looking so much like a little kid hiding behind the door:

Two images stacked vertically showing a cat with its head stuck in a plastic bag, peering around a door frame at night

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