3 great dramas on Freevee you should watch in May 2024

Anya Taylor-Joy in Emma.
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There are a lot of movies on Amazon Freevee, and as the name plainly states, you can watch them for free. What Amazon doesn’t tell you is that Freevee’s library largely consists of Prime Video‘s rejects. Freevee does have some good films, and even some great ones. But to find them, you’ll have to scroll down for a long time before you’ll find any dramas that have positive scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

The good news is we’ve already done the work for you. The following movies are the three great dramas on Freevee that you should watch in May. Our first choice is an underrated teen drama, while the second pick should have gotten more attention during the 2006 awards season. Finally, our third selection is a romantic drama with Anya Taylor-Joy in the lead.

Before I Fall (2017)

Zoey Deutch in Before I Fall.
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Before I Fall has been described as a teen drama mixed with Groundhog Day. This is an not inaccurate description since Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) does find herself reliving the same day over and over again. Sam initially believes that she has to save her own life, but even avoiding the accident that kills her doesn’t halt the time loop.

Eventually, Sam has to confront the fact that she hasn’t been a very good person, and she’s been giving herself to the wrong guy when Kent McFuller (Logan Miller) is the one she really loves. Most of all, Sam needs to make amends with Juliet Sykes (Elena Kampouris), a bullied girl whom even Sam hasn’t treated very well. Juliet needs help that only Sam can provide, and it’s going to take more than a few tries to put things right.

Watch Before I Fall on Freevee.

Akeelah and the Bee (2006)

Keke Palmer in Akeelah and the Bee.

Keke Palmer was only 10 when she landed her breakout role as Akeelah Anderson in Akeelah and the Bee. Akeelah isn’t particularly fond of her school, and she’s on the verge of being suspended for the semester when she enters a spelling bee and wins in commanding fashion. This gets Akeelah out of hot water with her school, but places even more pressure on her as she moves on to much harder spelling tournaments.

Akeelah’s widowed mother, Tanya Anderson (Damsel‘s Angela Bassett), doesn’t approve of Akeelah’s tendency to skip school and bars her from competing in spelling bees. Even Akeelah’s mentor, Dr. Joshua Larabee (Laurence Fishburne), has a complex relationship with her. But if Akeelah is going to go as far as she can, then she needs the emotional support of both her mother and Larabee.

Watch Akeelah and the Bee on Freevee.

Emma. (2020)

Anya Taylor-Joy and Johnny Flynn in Emma.
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Most period pieces don’t feel the need to actually put a period in the title as Emma. does. Before she was Furiosa, Anya Taylor-Joy stepped into the role of Emma Woodhouse in this colorful adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel. In 19th-century England, Emma fancies herself as a matchmaker — she’s skilled at manipulating people into spending time with each other. She just doesn’t know as much about the human heart as she thinks she does.

Emma also has a hard time coming to terms with her feelings for George Knightley (Ripley‘s Johnny Flynn), especially after she realizes that her friend, Harriet Smith (Pearl‘s Mia Goth), loves the same man that she does.

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