3 great free movies you should stream this weekend (May 31-June 2)

A man drinks a bottle of champagne with people looking on behind him.
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Can you believe we’re entering June? Last week’s two Memorial Day releases, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga and Garfield, both underperformed at the box office, making it a disappointing start to the summer movie season. However, help could be on the way, as Bad Boys: Ride or Die and Inside Out 2 have the potential to be big hits in June.

The theaters are not the only place to watch movies this weekend. FAST services offer thousands of movies for free in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is sign up and watch some ads. Then, you’re good to go. This weekend, consider watching these free movies, including a raunchy teen adventure, a sci-fi classic, and a Danish black comedy.

EuroTrip (2004)

Four friends stand together in an airport.
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Raunchy teen sex comedies are a lost art. It’s a genre of movie that dominated the 2000s before slowly disappearing nearly a decade ago. These movies are simply looking to make the audience laugh. There’s nothing to learn, and prior knowledge of the subject is not required, making it the perfect form of escapism. One of these films from 2004 was EuroTrip.

After his girlfriend breaks up with him at his high school graduation, Scott Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) embarks on a European excursion to meet his beautiful German pen pal, Mieke (Jessica Boehrs). Joining Scott on this excursion are his dopey best friend Cooper and twins Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) and Jamie (Travis Wester). Hijinks ensue throughout the trip, from all-night benders and sex shows to hitchhiking and nude beaches. Yet, EuroTrip‘s enduring legacy to future generations is the song Scotty Doesn’t Know, performed by an Oscar-winning actor. It’s one of the most unexpected cameos in movie history.

Stream Eurotrip for free on Pluto TV.

Escape from New York (1981)

Snake points his gun in Escape from New York
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In Escape from New York, John Carpenter imagined the entire island of Manhattan as a maximum-security prison. While flying over New York, Air Force One is hijacked. President John Harker (Donald Pleasence) departs in an escape pod that lands in Manhattan. With the president behind enemy lines, Police Commissioner Bob Hauk (Lee Van Cleef) recruits former Special Forces soldier turned criminal Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) to rescue the commander in chief.

If Snake succeeds, he will be pardoned for his crimes. Hauk injects an explosive into Snake’s arm to ensure his return, giving the outlaw 22 hours to complete the mission. If Snake doesn’t come back, he will die. Backed by a memorable performance by Russell and precise direction from Carpenter, Escape from New York is a landmark film in the science-fiction genre and a prime example of economical world-building done right.

Stream Escape from New York for free on Amazon Freevee.

Another Round (2020)

The cast of Another Round.

How about a drink? Four middle-aged men test the effects of alcohol on their day-to-day lives in Another Round, the Academy Award-winning film by Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg. Four teachers — Martin (Mads Mikkelsen), Tommy (Thomas Bo Larsen), Nikola (Magnus Millang), and Peter (Lars Ranthe) — are at a crossroads. The men have hit a wall in their personal and professional lives. The group learns about a theory stating that people with some alcohol in their system perform better throughout the day.

The men experiment by drinking alcohol throughout the day. Much to their surprise, their lives drastically improve, with each man rediscovering their passion. As the men increase their alcohol intake, they quickly learn that being drunk is only a temporary solution and does not make problems disappear. Another Round is a fascinating look into midlife crises, with an uplifting ending that will make you want to dance.

Stream Another Round for free on Tubi.