3 Hulu movies you need to stream this weekend (April 19-21)

Maika Monroe and Avan Jogia in The Stranger.
Fox 21 Television Studios

If you’re a subscriber to Disney+, then you may have noticed that its home page is swimming in content that originated on Hulu. Between the two Disney-owned streamers, Hulu is the one that actually has a worthy lineup beyond the familiar brands of Disney+. That’s important for movie lovers, because Hulu also has a terrific selection of films, with new titles added throughout the month.

Since we’re big believers in offering as many options as possible, our picks for the three Hulu movies that you need to stream this weekend include a thriller, a romance, and a comedy. We’re not against running with the occasional fantasy, sci-fi, or horror film, but for the weekend of April 19-21, the following three movies are our picks for Hulu subscribers.

The Stranger (2024)

Maika Monroe in The Stranger.
Fox 21 Television Studios

The Stranger escaped oblivion when it was salvaged from Quibi and reedited into a feature-length film. Whether Clare (Maika Monroe) will get to escape is another matter. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles and becoming a rideshare driver, Clare picks up Carl E. (Dane DeHaan), the handsome stranger alluded to in the title.

Clare is initially so charmed by Carl that she doesn’t realize the danger that he represents. And no matter what Clare does to get away from him, Carl seems to have planned several steps ahead. If Clare is going to get out of this situation alive, then she’ll have to save herself.

Watch The Stranger on Hulu.

The Greatest Hits (2024)

Lucy Boynton and David Corenswet in The Greatest Hits.
Searchlight Pictures

The next big-screen Superman, David Corenswet, has one of the leading roles in The Greatest Hits. But unlike the Man of Steel, Corenswet’s character, Max Enders, is already dead in this film. Max’s former lover, Harriet Gibbons (Lucy Boynton), is left so emotionally bereft by his death that she can’t find it within herself to move on. Even meeting a new man, David Park (Justin H. Min), can’t release Harriet from her sorrow.

Harriet also finds herself traveling back and forth through time when she hears songs that were important to her relationship with Max. But is Harriet’s time travel real or a delusion? And if she really is going back to the past, can Harriet find a way to prevent Max from dying?

Watch The Greatest Hits on Hulu.

Paint (2023)

Owen Wilson in Paint.
IFC Films

It’s ironic that Hulu recently added Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting to its lineup at the same time that it has Paint, a film that transforms Owen Wilson into a Bob Ross-like figure named Carl Nargle. Unlike Ross, Carl revels in the small level of fame that his longtime painting series has given him in the realm of Vermont’s public broadcasting scene.

Carl’s kingdom is threatened when a new painter, Ambrosia (Ciara Renée), steels his thunder… and his timeslot. Ambrosia is not only a better artist than Carl is, but she’s also a lot better at seducing people. Ambrosia won’t stop until she’s taken everything and everyone away from Carl. And let’s just say that this is a level of adversity that Carl is not equipped to handle.

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