3 rom-coms on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in May

A woman and man sitting on a bench, he behind her with one hand on her shoulder and the other pointing ahead in a scene from Musica.
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The month of May is the perfect time to relax with a good rom-com as you gear up for the arrival of summer. A quality rom-com makes you feel good because it provides a healthy dose of both romance and hilarity. Some are more emotionally charged than others, while a few focus on the comedy aspect more than the underlying love story. They usually have a happy ending that leaves you feeling thoroughly satisfied.

If you’re looking for a rom-com, Amazon Prime Video has a solid selection from which to choose. The three rom-coms on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in May include a brand new movie starring Anne Hathaway (Eileen), along with a classic featuring Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Idea of You (2024)

The Idea of You - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Anne Hathaway stars alongside Nicholas Galitzine (Red, White & Royal Blue) in this Michael Showalter rom-com based on the novel by Robinne Lee. She’s Solène, a singer mother who falls for Hayes (Galitzine), the lead singer of a popular boy band. Solène is 40, Hayes is 24, but when Solène spends a night at Coachella with her teenage daughter, it leads to an unexpected flirtation that turns into something more.

More challenging than the 16-year age difference between the two, however, is the fact that Solène is dating a man who is idolized by women and girls half her age (and younger) from all around the world. Even though this amplifies Solène’s insecurities about the age difference, the head-over-heels Hayes doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Hathaway is a rom-com pro and she absolutely shines in this new flick. The New York Times’ Alissa Wilkinson advises that once you “surrender to the daydreaming,” The Idea of You is perfectly irresistible.

Stream The Idea of You on Amazon Prime Video.

Música (2024)

Música - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Camila Mendes rose to fame playing Veronica on Riverdale, but she has found a new home as a budding queen of rom-coms.  She plays Isabella, the object of affection for the protagonist, Rudy (Rudy Mancuso), a young man who experiences the world in musical tones, equating each moment with a symphony, like a soundtrack of life.

Heavily featuring Brazilian cultural themes, Música is based on Mancuso’s own life, with his real-life mother Maria even playing his mother in the movie. A cultural celebration for the senses featuring music, a love story, and an interesting take on synesthesia, Música is a delightful movie that checks all the usual rom-com boxes, and then some.

Stream Música on Amazon Prime Video.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Official Trailer #1 - Sarah Jessica Parker Movie (1985)

Travel all the way back to the 1980s with this classic rom-com that bears the name of (and was inspired by) the Cyndi Lauper song that came out a couple of years prior. Janey (Sex and the City‘s Sarah Jessica Parker) meets Lynne (Helen Hunt), and the teens realize they share a mutual love for the show Dance TV. So, they do what any teenage girl in the  ’80s would do and enter a competition to make it on the show. The romance part comes when Janey is partnered with Jeff (Lee Montgomery) for the tryouts. Despite growing up in very different worlds, and initially not getting along, it’s clear there’s a spark between them.

A fun story of young love, Girls Just Want to Have Fun has all the makings of a teenage rom-com, with villains, musical numbers, and even a small cameo from Lauper herself. The cheesy nature of the plot that once drew criticism has since earned Girls Just Want to Have Fun the distinction of becoming a cult film that’s simply fun to watch.

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