3 underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee you should watch in June 2024

Betty Gilpin in The Hunt.
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Now that Amazon Prime Video is running ads on its shows and movies, the future of Freevee is a little unclear. While watching movies for free is always enticing, Freevee favors quantity over quality. And the vast majority of films on Freevee are less than stellar efforts that would be direct-to-video if that was still a viable release option.

Regardless, you can still find some good or even great movies on Freevee if you scroll down far enough. We’ve even managed to find three underrated action movies on Freevee that we haven’t recommended before. Since the selection of good movies on Freevee is so slim, that’s getting harder and harder to do. So enjoy these action flicks while you can. It’s anyone’s guess if they will still be on Freevee beyond June.

The Hunt (2020)

Hilary Swank and Betty Gilpin in The Hunt.
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The Hunt was surprisingly controversial in 2020, despite the fact that it’s far from the first film in which the rich elite decide to hunt ordinary people for sport. Athena Stone (Hilary Swank), Ted (Steve Coulter), Richard (Glenn Howerton), Miranda (Amy Madigan), and the rest of their insanely wealthy group have this massacre down to a science.

Most of the victims don’t survive the first few minutes of the hunt. However, Crystal May Creasey (Mrs. Davis‘ Betty Gilpin), Gary (Ethan Suplee), and Don (Wayne Duvall) prove to be more resourceful than their fellow captives. Yet, even they haven’t realized just how deeply the odds of their survival are rigged against them.

Watch The Hunt on Freevee.

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

Josh Hartnett in Lucky Number Slevin.

The movie may be called Lucky Number Slevin, but Slevin (Josh Hartnett) isn’t particularly lucky at the start of the film. While apartment sitting for his friend, Nick Fisher (Sam Jaeger), Slevin is kidnapped twice by warring crime factions who mistake him for Nick. It seems that Nick owes a lot of money to rival crime lords, The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and The Boss (Morgan Freeman). And since the crime lords think that Slevin is Nick, they both want him to murder someone to clear his debt.

This turn of events has been orchestrated by Mr. Goodkat (Die Hard‘s Bruce Willis), a killer with an agenda of his own. Slevin also has his reasons for seeing this drama through to the end. Yet once Slevin gets what he wants, will he ever truly be able to walk away?

Watch Lucky Number Slevin on Freevee.

Daybreakers (2010)

The main characters from the movie Daybreakers,

Action, sci-fi, and horror collide in Daybreakers, which takes place in an alternate world that has been overrun by vampires. It turns out that the bloodsuckers aren’t any better at running things than normal humans are, and the situation is so dire that there’s barely enough human blood to sustain the vampire population.

Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) is a vampire who is attempting to find a substitute for human blood when he is recruited into a revolution led by Lionel “Elvis” Cormac (Beetlejuice 2‘s Willem Dafoe). Elvis is proof that vampires can be transformed back into humans. But taking the world back isn’t going to be easy, and some vampires would rather die than ever become human again.

Watch Daybreakers on Freevee.