3 underrated Amazon Prime Video movies you should watch this weekend (May 31-June 2)

A boy looks at his father in Interstellar.
Warner Bros.

Prime Video has an extensive library, and it seems to keep expanding. If you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, it’s one of the best perks that come with your membership, but actually wading through the titles available on the service in order to find one that you want to check out can be a challenge.

Thankfully, we’ve done some of that wading for you, and landed on three titles that you should definitely check out this weekend. From tender period romances to surrogate father stories, this list has a little bit of everything. It’s also a reminder of just how much great stuff there is on Prime Video, including some fairly recent titles that you may have missed when they were in theaters.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Call Me By Your Name | Official Trailer HD (2017)

The movie that launched Wonka star Timothée Chalamet’s career, Call Me by Your Name tells the story of a teenager who falls for his father’s student while living in Italy for the summer. In addition to being a beautiful and tender coming of age film, Call Me by Your Name will also convince you that there is no place in the world as beautiful as Italy.

Chalamet is genuinely incredible in the central role, and he’s matched by a strong supporting cast. Ultimately, though, Call Me by Your Name is a movie about the importance of feeling everything that you can while you’re young, even as you recognize that much of what you’re feeling may ultimately cause you pain.

You can watch Call Me by Your Name on Prime Video.

The Holdovers (2023)

THE HOLDOVERS - Official Trailer [HD] - In Select Theaters October 27, Everywhere November 10

A throwback to the movies of the 1970s in all the best ways, The Holdovers tells the story of a boarding school teacher who is tasked with watching over the students who don’t go home for winter break. As the movie proceeds, though, it transforms into a touching story about the relationship between this curmudgeonly professor and one of those students as they help each other become slightly better.

As hokey or cliched as that may sound, The Holdovers is anything but. The movie is filled with genuine attention to detail, and features three of the best performances of 2023 from its trio of central characters.

The Holdovers is streaming on Prime Video.

Interstellar (2014)

Christopher Nolan‘s space epic was divisive when it was first released, but its reputation has continued to grow in the years since. Set in a near future in which Earth is dying and humanity needs a new home, the film follows Matthew McConaughey as a pilot who ventures into deep space in search of a potential new home world.

The movie gets more complicated from there, but at its core, it’s a movie about how much the love between parents and children can break through the boundaries of space and time. Sentimental? Sure, but you’ll probably find yourself in tears by the end.

Interstellar is streaming on Prime Video.