3 underrated shows on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in April

Two men talk in The Long Shadow.

Everyone goes through that moment when they sit down to watch something and aren’t quite sure what they feel like watching. Sometimes, it’s fun to play roulette with your TV choices and click until you land on a title that looks intriguing. Or you could rely on our recommendations for some hidden gems.

When it comes to three underrated shows on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in April, there are interesting options. There’s one returning for a second season three years after the first was released, and another that has the distinction of being the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. Have a look at the options and if none of these fit the bill, check out the best shows on Amazon Prime Video right now.

The Long Shadow (2023)

The Long Shadow | Coming soon to ITV1 | ITV

While The Long Shadow has received accolades in the U.K., earning a Best Limited Drama nomination at the 2024 British Academy Television Awards, it isn’t as widely known in North America. The seven-part true crime drama is about the five-year manhunt for the serial killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper. Later learned to be Peter Sutcliffe, played by Mark Stobbart, the series largely centers around DCS Dennis Hoban (Toby Jones) and ACC George Oldfield (David Morrissey) as they frantically try to track down the man who was terrorizing and murdering women from 1975-1980.

The Long Shadow was praised for its focus on law enforcement versus the killer himself, as well as on the victims and their families. Rooted in truth, the drama will give you chills as you watch the story unfold and the intensity builds as they come closer and closer to finding the sadistic killer.

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Them (2021-2024)

Them: The Scare - Official Trailer | Prime Video

If you love horror, you’ll want to check out Lena Waithe’s Them, a black horror anthology series returning this month with a long-awaited second season, entitled Them: The Scare. The first season follows a Black family that moves to an all-white neighborhood during the Second Great Migration. But evil forces begin to emerge, wreaking havoc in their lives.

The second season shifts ahead several decades to take place in 1991, with Deborah Ayorinde starring again in a new role. LAPD Detective Dawn Reeve (Ayorinde) is investigating a horrifying murder and a potential killer ravaging the city. While she works to uncover the truth, however, something sinister begins to emerge, making the case personal. With Ayorinde praised for her gripping performance in the first season, fans can expect the same in season 2. What makes Them stand out among your garden variety horror shows and movies, however, is that much like with Jordan Peele’s Get Out, the show uses horror as a vehicle for powerful social commentary as well.

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The Chosen (2019)

Considered the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time, The Chosen is a religious historical drama that purports to tell the story of Jesus Christ, played by Jonathan Roumie. But interestingly, it’s told from the perspective of those whose path he crosses, portraying Jesus in a personal and intimate way, as has never been seen in movies or TV shows before.

There are three seasons to date with a fourth in the works. The Chosen is one of those underground projects that not many know about, but it has become a popular title within the sphere of Christian entertainment. With a 99% Audience Score on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes from more than 5,000 ratings and a 100% score from nine critic reviews, The Chosen clearly has a devoted audience of fans.

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