35 Things That People On X Are Calling "Old People Things"

35 Things That People On X Are Calling "Old People Things"

People on X are posting some of the "old person" things that they do, and I'm sorry, but you're probably guilty of a lot of them.

Twitter: @theereal_one

Here are the best ones...

Three elderly men share a light moment on a seesaw at a park, smiling and enjoying each other's company
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1. Judging parents if their kids aren't wearing jackets.

Twitter: @rokk_steady1911

2. Eating Tums like candy.

Twitter: @_jerricab

3. Making loud noises when you get up or sit down.

Twitter: @the_shaun_show

4. Printing your boarding pass.

Twitter: @OfficialAP36

5. Getting annoyed when the TV is too loud.

Twitter: @howsway2020

6. Watching the local news.

Twitter: @themonicakay

7. Being cold.

Twitter: @LindseyBoylan

8. Standing outside stores and waiting for them to open up.

Twitter: @CurlyShic

9. Using a pill organizer.

Twitter: @themonicakay

10. Using the phrase "Back in my day."

Twitter: @possiblynatasha

11. After lunch naps.

Twitter: @VamsiDKrish

12. Speakerphone.

Twitter: @4sunde

13. Starting conversations with strangers in public.

Twitter: @youngzell3

14. Watching Family Feud religiously.

Twitter: @__Kevo35

15. Checking your credit report religiously.

Twitter: @Bod3gaBarbi3

16. Snapping your fingers when you try to remember something.

Twitter: @Bumpkin_in_IT

17. Leaving the plastic on things to keep them "new."

Twitter: @NaeTall

18. Waking up super early without an alarm.

Twitter: @EsRicoChico

19. Watching Judge Judy every day.

Twitter: @jeanaistopnotch

20. Saying "What is the world turning into?" whenever you watch the news.

Twitter: @joelyn_n

21. Actually laughing at commercials.

Twitter: @dBriceJ

22. Asking younger people "How's school?" right after seeing them.

Twitter: @BryanLopez231

23. Wondering why kids aren't in school when you see them in the middle of the day.

Twitter: @taijay_blagrove

24. Standing in doors and looking outside at nothing.

Twitter: @Phat_Cheeksz

25. Arriving super early to the airport.

Twitter: @JBob_15

26. Saying "How do you work this dang thing?"

Twitter: @Edith_puthie4

27. Raising your eyebrows and judging people in public when they do weird things.

Twitter: @_____eidnam

28. Writing in cursive.

Twitter: @fangtasticbaby

29. Calling everyone by the wrong name.

Twitter: @KiaSpeaks

30. Rubbing your legs while rocking back and forth.

Twitter: @_sophpesos

31. Telling servers to "Compliment the chef."

Twitter: @Hoyatexas

32. Watching the Weather Channel.

Twitter: @iblamejorddan

33. Extremely early dinners.

Twitter: @_ItsMarisWorld_

34. Just, like, lots of sighing.

Twitter: @doofinc_

35. And lastly, sitting on the porch.

Twitter: @kirawontmiss