35 Painfully Awkward Wrong Number Texts That Spiraled Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Wayyyyyy Out Of Control

35 Painfully Awkward Wrong Number Texts That Spiraled Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Wayyyyyy Out Of Control

We all know that getting a wrong number text is an absolutely exhilarating experience. But how to respond? With calm, eloquent grace? Like a totally normal human being? Noooo way. Feast your eyes on some of the best wrong number text responses I've ever seen:

1.The golfing text:

Text messages shown. Larissa invites Karry to play golf. Karry replies with a photo of himself wearing a koala hat, sipping a drink, and asks if she is ready to play with "daddy." Larissa responds with "what."
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2.The liturgist text:

A text conversation between someone addressing a pastor about missing a church duty due to a family event, and the pastor responding angrily
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3.The Grunchley text:


4.The running text:

Text conversation where one person suggests to Annie they go running this weekend, receives a "wrong number" reply, and then remarks that the joke is not funny
u/daggerhdhd / Via reddit.com

5.The challenge text:

Trevor asks Colleen if they're still up for the challenge and shows a cow standing in a small pool, and the response is "What in the hell happened here"

6.The horse text:

Text message exchange. Evelyn asks Dr. Larry about her horse's recovery. Larry responds that the horse didn't make it and was rendered into glue. Evelyn is shocked
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7.The Zendaya text:

Text message conversation and an image of Zendaya wearing a large hat. Message: "Annie, do you have time to play golf tomorrow?"

8.The souvlaki text:

Text message conversation about lunch plans. Person 1 asks if Person 2 is Sophie and offers to get them a souvlaki dinner with a Coke Zero if they are

9.The cake text:

Text message reads, "Hello, can the cake I ordered in your store be delivered here before 6 o’clock tonight?" with an image of someone in a large, purple Grimace costume
u/mayormccheese20 / Via reddit.com

10.The Tesla text:

Photo of car with exchange: The Prius just had a baby! We named her Tesla! That's a dumb name for a baby

11.The bakery text:

Text message exchange: Person 1 asks, "Hello, when will the cake I ordered be ready?" Person 2 replies, "I ate it." Person 1 responds with an expletive. Person 2 says it was an April Fools’ joke and doesn't know Person 1

12.The chili text:

wrong number text with someone texting i'm bringing chili like 9 times

13.The yard text:

wrong number text where someone says they pooped in someone else's yard

14.The USPS scam text:

Text message showing a fake U.S.P.S. delivery notice with a suspicious link. Below the message is a picture of an egg-shaped figure with a serious expression, in bed
u/fishmaneatsfish / Via reddit.com

15.The meat text:

Text message screenshot showing a conversation about meat. The sender shares an image of a pack of frozen Black Angus thin sliced beef
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16.The "Who is this" text:

Text message exchange from September 2 to today. One person repeatedly asks "who's this," and the other person consistently replies "A wrong number." Final reply says, "You keep asking who is this."

17.The financial advisor text:

A text conversation where one person mistakenly texts another, thinking they are "Frank". The recipient clarifies it is the wrong number

18.The Mica text:

Text from "Mica" ends up being the wrong number, and after Mica apologizes, person says "No apology necessary; it's best that we don't talk because I don't trust people named after phyllosilicate minerals"

19.The baby-nephew text:

Person asks Sophia to send photo of baby nephew, and person responds that they think there's something wrong with Brendan and attached a photo of a bald man baby wielding scissors

20.The horse-names text:

Person asks Doug for the name of the new horse baby, and someone else responds that they aren't Doug, but the names are Maple Stirrup, Usain Colt and Al Capony

21.The true-tragedy text:

Person gets a wrong number text to "Mom" saying their phone fell in the toilet and they're using the cashier's phone at the store, they had to buy a new sim

22.The mom text:

wrong number text from someone looking for their mom

23.The George text:

wrong number text where someone gets mad at someone named george

24.The Cara text:

Person asks repeatedly if they're texting Cara, and the first two times they're told no, but "maybe a third time and it will change," and the third time the person says "This is Cara now"
u/Dartainia / Via reddit.com

25.The apartment-renting text:

Person texts about basement or loft space to rent and coming to see it, and person responds that they have a "possum situation" and the possums have outsmarted them and they think they may have been enhanced by chemicals from a nearby factory

26.The spaghetti text:

Wrong number text of someone telling Bubba where the spaghetti is
u/stayelevated33 / Via reddit.com

27.The Phillip text:

Text message reading: "Phillip u posted a video of a female playg with her vigina on facebook!"
u/tinypotatoe98 / Via reddit.com

28.The Ayan text:

Text messages between two people. The first person asks if they can meet up, mistaking the recipient for someone named Ayan. The recipient humorously responds with various excuses, ending with, "I am not Ayan and you have the wrong number."

29.The Papa Gary text:

Wrong number text from someone named Papa Gary wishing his granddaughter a wonderful day and saying he loves her, and person responds saying it's the wrong number but they love Papa Gary too and hope he has a wonderful day too
u/ridergeek1 / Via reddit.com

30.The stranger danger text:

wrong number text where the receiver just sends pictures of a possum
u/marianeta / Via reddit.com

31.The spam text:

wrong number text of a spam bot saying oprah has had a stroke and the person responds saying danny devito has the runs
u/happy-nature9089 / Via reddit.com

32.The TP text:

wrong number text of someone who spent a lot of money on toilet paaper

33.The Mike text:

wrong number text about someone with a club foot

34.The injury text:

wrong number text of someone saying jake is in the hospital because his butthole is on fire
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35.The Joe text:

wrong number to a person asking for joe and the other person says joe mama
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