I Am Both Impressed And Kind Of Terrified By These Wildly Futuristic Things From Around The World

1.This hotel in Singapore is UNDERWATER.

Person resting their feet viewing an underwater scene with rays and a penguin through a large window
u/whoope3 / Via reddit.com

2.And you can literally stay in an ice hotel in Sweden.

Three images of an ice hotel with arched doorways, a room with a bed, and sculpted ice furniture
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

3.This hotel in China has room service delivered by a robot, and I'm sorry, but is China living in the 3000s?

Friendly robot trash can with a screen and tie graphic smiling
u/photoguy8008 / Via reddit.com

4.At the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, you can literally have a robot transport your bags.

Interactive kiosk at an airport displaying baggage transport service information
u/FatherOfTheSevenSeas / Via reddit.com

5.Along with robots that help you check flight info.

A robot at the airport
u/stirredturd / Via reddit.com

6.Also, can we just take a moment to admire this airport terminal in Singapore? It looks like something out of Tomorrowland.

Waterfall cascading from a high bridge into a park with spectators and a bus on top of the bridge
u/NewCarthagea / Via reddit.com

7.You can locate your car at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport just by typing your license plate into this kiosk. Y'all, I can't tell you how many times I have spent an hour searching for my car in a car park. This machine would've been a LIFESAVER.

Interactive kiosk screen with "Find My Vehicle" feature engaged, a finger entering a license plate number
itsmeaidil / Via reddit.com

8.In the Netherlands, some grocery stores have machines that can tell you if your avocado is ripe. As someone who ALWAYS guesses wrong, I need this.

Person using an avocado ripeness tester machine at a grocery store
u/unhappylittletrees1 / Via reddit.com

9.At this market at a college in the Netherlands, you can vote on items you like or dislike and actually have a say in what the store orders more or less of.

Shelves stocked with 7-UP Cherry cans and promotional display with screen showing social media 'likes'
PtChevMeister / Via reddit.com

10.This 3D park in China might be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Visitors watch a projected dinosaur in a dark, immersive exhibition space
u/DocsHoax / Via reddit.com

Here's a gif of it in action. I think I'd pee my pants, but it'd be worth it.

Visitors in a 3D park
u/DocsHoax / Via reddit.com

11.Also in China, they have this wild 3D digital billboard that literally looks...well, three-dimensional.

Billboard displays a Star Trek spaceship above an urban street with buildings and stores
u/DrCalFun / Via reddit.com

12.Here's one more 3D illusion from China, this time in a digital mall billboard. Like, was no one gonna tell me China is at the forefront of 3D technology???

Person interacting with a 3D astronaut advertisement on a digital kiosk in a mall
u/TerrySharpHY / Via reddit.com

13.Germany has a holographic circus.

Holographic elephants displayed at an event with an audience watching in dim lighting
Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images

14.You can take an elevator through an aquarium in this hotel in Berlin.

Giant cylindrical aquarium spanning several floors in a building's atrium, surrounded by balconies and seating areas
u/spicedpumpkins / Via reddit.com

15.This is apparently what movie tickets look like in Korea, and I'm kind of obsessed.

Two hands holding movie tickets for "Frozen 2" and "Birds of Prey" with graphic backgrounds
u/SuperDeann / Via reddit.com

Like, look how awesome this ticket for Joker is!

Movie promotion card for "Joker" with image of character's face partially covered by a flap revealing actor's face beneath
u/SuperDeann / Via reddit.com

16.South Korea also has highway bike paths covered with solar panels to protect cyclists from the sun AND generate clean energy.

Aerial view of a highway with solar panel canopies covering one side, and a single vehicle on the road
u/Ciocolatel / Via reddit.com

17.In Singapore, you can have a robot make you an omelet, and y'all, I think this is the future.

Step-by-step process at an omelette station with ingredients and cooking equipment
u/Dja3ba / Via reddit.com

18.China has snack-serving robots.

A service robot carrying multiple food trays in a mall
u/sealion7 / Via reddit.com

19.There's a fully robotic bar in Italy.

A robotic arm beneath a ceiling-mounted array of various hanging bottles in a modern installation
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

20.Starbucks in Singapore has a robot to collect your dishes, which is perfect for lazy people like me.

Service robot with a screen displaying a message to return used plates, cups, and cutlery, in a cafe setting
the_wellspring / Via reddit.com

21.Singapore also has these tray return machines in food courts.

Smart tray return station with a "Thank You for Returning Your Tray" sign in a busy food court
u/PanzerSoul / Via reddit.com

22.At Disneyland Tokyo, these are the new Beauty and the Beast animatronics.

Animated Belle from Beauty and the Beast walks with a lantern, text in Japanese overlays
u/CptArius / Via reddit.com

23.In Tokyo train stations, you can rent a little workspace that has Wi-Fi and privacy.

Private work booth with chair and desk, labeled "CocoDesk" by FUJIFILM, located in a public space
u/excelar412 / Via reddit.com

24.And at Zhengzhou Airport in China, you can rent a nap pod.

Compact sleeping pods in an airport with a chair and TV inside
u/Sumtinkwrung / Via reddit.com

25.Tokyo has a Louis Vuitton that literally looks like holographic waves.

Glass building facade with reflective design and "Louis Vuitton" logos, pedestrians nearby
u/9999monkeys / Via reddit.com

26.This elevator in China has holographic numbers for floors, where you just tap the air above a button.

Elevator control panel with touchless operation instructions, displaying floor numbers 1 and 3 highlighted
u/quite_the_url / Via reddit.com

27.There are open-air escalators super high up in Tokyo, where you can get THIS kind of view.

Person on glass-floored observation deck overlooking a cityscape at sunset
u/mtlgrems / Via reddit.com

28.There's a capsule mall in Kyoto where everything comes in capsules.

A row of Japanese gachapon toy capsule vending machines with various cartoon characters
u/TankGrlX / Via reddit.com

29.Singapore has a "floating" soccer field on the water that's pretty cool.

Aerial view of a stadium by a river with a city skyline in the background, at dusk
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

30.Also in Singapore, you can get these tiny little compressed napkin pods that are easy to store. Just get them wet, and they'll expand into a wet wipe.

Hand holding a compressed napkin tablet before expansion, with an empty sauce dish and a plate with remnants of a meal
u/Bronto710 / Via reddit.com

31.Aruba has a machine that puts on your sunscreen FOR YOU. It literally rotates you around and sprays it everywhere so you don't miss spots.

a machine that applies sunscreen for you
u/relytyler11700 / Via reddit.com

32.In China, there's a McDonald's that sends down the food on a conveyer belt from the floor above.

The conveyor belt is attached to the ceiling, with bags of food hanging off it
u/jacob3ch / Via reddit.com

33.In Australia, there are tunnels with lights that move at the speed limit so you can get an idea of your speed and try your best to match the limit.

A driving tunnel
u/j2t2_387 / Via reddit.com

34.Toronto has pay-as-you-fill grocery carts. You scan them as you go and pay right on the cart — then just walk right out of the store!

A grocery cart that you can pay for groceries on
u/WestEst101 / Via reddit.com

35.Iceland has geothermally heated water pipes under their sidewalks to keep them clear of snow.

Warm sidewalks
u/karljam / Via reddit.com

36.And finally, the Guinness Museum in Dublin can print photos on beer foam.

Photo printed on top of a stout's foam at the Guinness Storehouse
Cliiifford / Via reddit.com