This 40-inch TV is under $150 right now, and it’s selling fast

Vizio D-Series TV in bedroom.

If you’re simply looking for one of the cheapest TV deals around, take a look at Walmart. Right now, it has the Vizio 40-inch D-Series full HD TV for just $148. It usually costs $250 so you’re saving $102 off the regular price which makes it exceptional value. While many people may be seeking a 4K TV, this one is perfect for a bedroom, child’s bedroom or even the kitchen. If that sounds appealing to you, keep reading and we’ll tell you more about it.

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Why you should buy the Vizio 40-inch D-Series full HD TV

Vizio is one of the best TV brands around right now thanks to its value and its diverse range of TVs with a focus on QLED models. Now, the Vizio 40-inch D-Series full HD TV keeps things fairly simple but it does so in a way that works well.

With the TV, you get a typical 1080p HD picture but souped up. For instance, there’s a full array LED backlight which provides evenly distributed LEDs across the screen so there’s superior light uniformity. There’s also an IQ picture processor which helps make it faster to navigate as well as help with picture processing.

For gaming, there’s a dedicated V-Gaming Engine which automatically optimizes the picture for gaming meaning variable refresh rates, AMD FreeSync support, and low input lag. It’s perfect for a simple option for gaming if you don’t want to spend a fortune on one of the best TVs but you still want to enjoy some gaming-focused features.

The TV also has great smart TV features. SmartCast provides intuitive navigation and instant access to all your favorite streaming apps. There’s also Watch Free+ which has hundreds of channels of live TV and on demand content with no subscription fees. There’s also Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in for casting content across from your other devices. That’s particularly convenient as the Vizio 40-inch D-Series full HD TV only has two HDMI ports which is a little on the low side.

For a basic HD TV though, the Vizio 40-inch D-Series full HD TV is a good option. It offers all you could need and we particularly love the dedicated gaming mode. It usually costs $250 but Walmart is currently selling it for $148 which is a great price for what you get. Check it out now before the deal ends soon. It’s proving popular already.

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