Get up to $400 off Eargo OTC hearing aids for Memorial Day

The tiny Eargo 7 OTC hearing aid with fingertips for scale.

If you’re in the market for OTC hearing aids, but haven’t tapped “buy” yet, this is possibly the moment you’re looking for to change things around. Eargo, producer of some of the best OTC hearing aids, is having a sale on their wares for Memorial Day and you can save as much as $400. Tap the button below to find the hearing aids and investigate each one yourself — the site has a very professional product comparison window where you can compare you three favorites — or keep reading for our take, thoughts on the OTC hearing aid space, and what you need to think about before you get them.


Why you should buy Eargo OTC hearing aids

The most important decision you’re going to have to make when you shop this sale is which of Eargo’s OTC (Over The Counter) hearing aids to get. It’s counterintuitive, but our research suggests that the best deal is going to be on the Eargo 6, which are now down $300 from $2,250 to $1,950. The reason that we pick them over the Eargo 7 is the is the same reason we picked the Eargo 5 as one of the best OTC hearing aids when they were available: The 6 and 7 are highly similar (low-profile, water and sweat resistant, with excellent hearing enhancement tech) but the 7 is more expensive with small refinements.

If you’re not sure if you should buy OTC hearing aids yet, you’re not alone. OTC hearing aids are going through industry growing pains as of late; they’re now legal to be sold and great products exist on the market, but people aren’t using them considerably more than before. Part of it comes down to confusion about if you should wear them and part of it due to a lack of awareness. Our in-depth primer on how to buy OTC hearing aids will answer all of your most pertinent questions, but there are some key takeaways you can enjoy now. The first thing to know is that you don’t need a hearing exam to use these hearing aids, you can start using them right away. So, if you’re experiencing some hearing loss but probably not enough to get a subscription, you should consider trying affordable prescription hearing aid alternatives like the Eargo 6.

To see the Eargo 6 and all other Eargo OTC hearing aid products on sale for this Memorial Day, be sure to tap the button below. You’ll get to the sale and be able to easily compare each of the products Eargo has available, from battery life to water resistance, right from the convenience of your desktop.