6-6-6 lottery drawing leads to 5,662 top prize winners

The numbers 6-6-6 were chosen in a Pick 3 lottery drawing in North Carolina, causing 5,622 tickets to become top prize winners. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI

May 6 (UPI) -- The North Carolina Education Lottery said there were 5,662 top prize winning tickets Monday when a Pick 3 drawing resulted in the winning numbers 6-6-6.

The three-digit combination was drawn in the Monday afternoon Pick 3 drawing, leading to $2.1 million in prizes being owed.

A 50-cent Pick 3 ticket carries a top prize of $250, while a $1 ticket earns a top prize of $500.

"Combinations of three of the same numbers, known as 'trips,' are some of the most popular sets of numbers played," lottery officials wrote in a news release. "Whatever three numbers you pick, the odds of matching exactly all three in a Pick 3 drawing are the same: 1 in 1,000."