The 75-inch Sony Bravia 7 4K TV is $300 cheaper for a limited time

2024 Sony Bravia 7 4K mini-LED TV.

It always feels like its time to upgrade your TV with something new and more exciting. But, if you do so too quickly, you’ll end up spending too much. This deal on the 75-inch Sony Bravia 7, however, will get you your next premium TV with enough of a discount to take that edge off of the purchase. Tap below to see the very new (we first covered its debut in April) Sony Bravia 7 at a price $300 below its typical one. That bring the $2,798 TV to a price of $2,498. Then, keep on reading to see why we think you’ll like it.


Why you should buy the Sony Bravia 7

First and foremost, this TV is very new. That means a couple of things. For one, you won’t be getting this TV to instantly have to worry about wanting the newest and best model immediately. This is a TV that is (and should feel) super new for at least a couple of years, even to the diehard devotee to the latest and greatest. It does mean that there aren’t that many people ahead of you in line to determine how great the TV is, but you’ll get to be a trailblazer of sorts in that regard.

No matter your opinions of being one of the first to own to TV model, you should know what you’re getting. The Sony Bravia 7’s elongated name comes from it being a 75-inch Smart Mini LED 4K UHD TV with HDR. Smart refers to its Google TV interface, Google Assistant in the remote, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility should you have a Wi-Fi 6 capable router, and Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast features. As a mini-LED TV, it will have more backlighting zones, creating more robust imagery in lights, darks, and contrasting. And the HDR goes beyond typical color spectrum bonuses. For example the XR TRILUMINOS Pro display tech balances the screen for a natural color palette. And all of this is beside 4K at 120Hz display speeds and features like XR Motion Clarity blur reduction for easy-to-follow high action scenes.

To get this TV now and save $300, tap the button below. That’ll drop this premium TV’s price from $2,798 to $2,498. If that’s still a lot to stomach, check out other ongoing TV deals to see if you can find a lower price on a TV you’ll still enjoy. Either way, please also consider these soundbar deals to up your TV’s sound power as well.