8th dead grey whale of 2019 washes up on B.C. beach

Another dead grey whale has washed up on B.C. shores, this time on Haida Gwaii.

The latest animal appeared last week near Tow Hill, east of Masset, and scientists from Fisheries and Oceans Canada are investigating.

This is the eighth dead grey whale to appear in B.C. waters so far this year, according to the federal government.

A necropsy for the animal, estimated at 32 feet long or about 9.75 metres, is scheduled for Saturday. There is no obvious cause of death.

Federal scientists say it's been an unusually deadly year for grey whales, but what's happening in B.C. matches what's happened off the west coast of the U.S., as the migratory animals made their way north for the summer.

Some of the animals that have died appear undernourished.

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