9-1-1 Finale: With Bobby At Death’s Door (Again), Peter Krause Reflects on His Character’s ‘Fascinating’ Journey

It’s the question on every 9-1-1 fan’s mind: Is the ABC drama really killing off Bobby Nash in tonight’s Season 7 finale (8/7c)?

They have every right to worry, given that last week’s episode ended with Peter Krause’s character collapsing from cardiac arrest, mere moments after rescuing Athena from their burning home. But while viewers lose sleep wondering whether Bobby’s latest brush with death will also be his last, Krause is staying positive, reminding TVLine that there’s an upside to Bobby landing in a coma: “There’s no pressure to remember my lines.”

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He’s kidding (we think), but the fight that lies ahead for Bobby is no laughing matter, and it’s giving Krause an excuse to reflect on how important his character has become to the show’s fans over the past seven seasons.

“Bobby’s been a very fascinating character for me to play,” Krause says. “When I first met with Ryan Murphy and he pitched [Bobby’s story] to me, I thought, ‘That’s a lot of people to die in a fire.’ But I love that 9-1-1 is a vehicle for storytelling about resilience, and in Bobby’s case, redemption. I’ve really enjoyed playing him. There are some harder days in terms of the emotional work, but we’re pushing what you can do on network television.”

From the flashback to Bobby’s traumatic childhood, to his wild west-esque adventure with Amir at the border, to the coma that could very well take his life, Krause acknowledges that it’s been a “much heavier emotional journey at the end for Bobby than [he] expected at the beginning of the season.”

(Here’s hoping Bobby still has many more emotional journeys to come.)

9-1-1 Nation, how are we feeling as we head into Thursday’s finale? Are you worried that we could be losing Bobby for good? Drop a comment with your thoughts ahead of the season’s closing hour.

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