911: Lone Star fans ‘devastated’ as main cast member ‘leaves’ before ‘final season’


US TV viewers are lamenting the alleged departure of a main character from a beloved series.

It has been reported that confusion over contractual renegotiations for FOX series 911: Lone Star have led to drama behind-the-scenes, meaning many cast members are in the process of actively pursuing other projects.

One such star was Sierra McClain, who appears in the series as call centre operator Grace Ryder, and it’s now being claimed that McClain has now left the show altogether.

In fact, according to Deadline, the 911 spin-off’s fifth season will be its last after Marlene Harris actor Robyn Lively wrote in a now-deleted social media post: “So excited to be a part of @911lonestar’s final season!! What a ride it’s been!”

Fans of the show are in uproar over the news, with viewers unanimously agreeing that McClain’s Grace is not only one of the procedural’s best characters, but “the centre” of the show.

“Sierra McClain leaving 911 Lone Star is genuinely devastating,” one viewer wrote, with another adding: “911 Lone Star isn’t 911 Lone Star without Grace.”

Others said they would not be watching the show anymore, with one person stating: “When I say Sierra McClain is truly the HEART of 911 Lone Star, I am not joking in the slightest.”

An additional fan asked: “What’s 911: Lone Star without Grace???” while one more wrote on X/Twitter: “911 Lone Star won’t be the same without Grace Ryder.”

The Independent has contacted McClain and Fox for comment.

Sierra McClain is reportedly leaving ‘911: Lone Star’ (Fox)
Sierra McClain is reportedly leaving ‘911: Lone Star’ (Fox)

In 2020, original cast member Liv Tyler quit the series, which stars Rob Lowe, over concerns about flying during the pandemic.

Tyler, who is based in the UK with her husband Dave Gardner and their children, commuted back and forth to Los Angeles to film the show’s first season.

But, as the US entertainment industry prepared to reopen for filming, Tyler decided to withdraw from the show instead of replicating the same commuting arrangement for its second season. Gina Torres replaced Tyler in the series.

911: Lone Star is spin-off from the Ryan Murphy police drama starring Angela Bassett.