Accused shoplifters nabbed when getaway car runs out of gas, California police say

An empty gas tank brought a shoplifting spree to a screeching halt, leading to three arrests, California police reported.

Authorities received reports that a black Mercedes ran two stoplights and stopped in the middle of a street at 6:47 p.m. Sunday, April 14, the Colma Police Department said in an April 19 news release.

Officers investigating the incident found a man and woman walking away from the stopped car, police said. The driver told them the car had run out of gas.

A check revealed the driver was a fugitive on parole from Texas, police said.

A search of the stopped Mercedes uncovered clothing with security tags attached and rifle ammunition, leading to the driver’s arrest, police said.

Officers stopped the man and woman, who police said gave them false names. Both had warrants for their arrest, police said.

The man and woman had stolen more than $1,400 in clothing from two Daly City stores with the other man acting as the getaway driver, police said.

They face charges including burglary, grand theft and conspiracy to commit a crime, police said.

Colma is about a 10-mile drive south from San Francisco.

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