Star Wars fans praise the lightsaber battle in latest The Acolyte episode: ‘The best in decades’

Viewers of Star Wars spin-off series The Acolyte, have claimed the show’s latest episode reached the heights of the original movies, as they celebrated the “best lightsaber battle in decades”.

Episode five was released on Tuesday (25 June) on Disney Plus. And while the show has been the subject of raised eyebrows and scepticism among die-hard fans, the latest episode titled “Night” appears to have won many over.

Set approximately 100 years before the unfairly maligned Phantom Menace (1999), The Acolyte follows the respected Jedi Master Sol (played by Squid Game’s Lee Jung-ja), as he discovers sinister forces while investigating a series of crimes that bring him into contact with a former Padawan learner.

The show’s cast includes Amandla Stenberg, Charlie Barnett, and Dafne Keen – but many were excited to watch the show because of the inclusion of Carrie-Ann Moss.

*Spoilers ahead – you have been warned*

Logan star Keen plays the part-Theelin, Jecki Lon, a Jedi Padawan and student of Master Sol. At the end of episode four, she is attacked by a Sith Lord, known only as the Stranger, as she is forced to prove her strength as a fighter.

What ensues in episode five, is a fast-paced, choreographed duel as the Stranger and Jecki battle it out in a fierce fight reminiscent of the franchise’s earlier movies.

With glitching lightsabers, and Jecki switching from using one to two of the weapons against her opponent, fans were left proud and amazed.

Jecki and the Stranger battle it out (Disney Plus)
Jecki and the Stranger battle it out (Disney Plus)

“I’m a lifelong lightsabers choreography nerd,” wrote one viewer. “When Dafne Keen said The Acolyte was trying to top ‘Duel Of The Fates’ [a fight scene in the Phantom Menace], I’ll admit, I was sceptical.

“Not only did they succeed, but the choreography in ‘Night’ is without a doubt some of the best ever put to screen. I’m in awe.”

Another added, “The Acolyte gave us the lightsaber fight we’ve been wanting for decades.”

Master Sol fights the Stranger (Disney Plus/The Acolyte)
Master Sol fights the Stranger (Disney Plus/The Acolyte)

Viewers were treated to not just one, but two lightsaber sequences, as later on in the episode, The Good Place actor Manny Jacinto, who plays harmless apothecary Qimir before he is unveiled as the Stranger, fights Master Sol. Another intense contest follows in what some fans have called “the greatest lightsaber duel in decades”.

“Between helmet headbutting, his biceps, and ‘force foo’, Manny Jacinto delivers one of the best lightsaber battles in decades to the Star Wars franchise,” wrote one person.

Another added, “With its fifth episode, I genuinely think that The Acolyte delivered the best lightsaber fight choreography since Revenge of the Sith. Absolutely riveting.

Qimir is revealed to be the Sith Lord (Disney Plus/ The Acolyte)
Qimir is revealed to be the Sith Lord (Disney Plus/ The Acolyte)

“Full of incredibly creative moves, unique fighting styles that reflect character personalities & some truly shocking deaths.”

The Acolyte is available to stream on Disney+.