Adam Doleac Shows Off Wife MacKinnon Doleac and Baby Jack in New Music Video for 'Ain't She' (Exclusive)

The couple filmed the music video when the country star's wife was 39 weeks pregnant with their newborn son

Adam Doleac had an interesting idea for the music video for his current single "Ain’t She," but he wasn’t quite sure if his wife MacKinnon would be up to it.

Heck, she was 39 weeks pregnant.

"MacKinnon deserves some type of an award for being in this video," Doleac, 36, says with a laugh during an interview with PEOPLE, shortly after his son Jack’s one month pediatrician appointment. "I just thought it'd be really cool for everybody to see her in this video literally about to pop."

Indeed, it was mere days after the filming of the enchanting music video for “Ain’t She” that Doleac and his wife welcomed their son Jack on March 23.

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"We had things in place in case she went into labor the day we shot this video," says Doleac of the video premiering exclusively on PEOPLE. "It's going to be so cool for Jack to watch it one day because he was seconds away from being here."

Granted, the plan wasn’t always for Doleac, his wife, and her growing belly to star in the video. Rather, an actor and actress had already been picked to appear in the video.

<p>Adam Doleac/YouTube</p> Adam and MacKinnon Doleac

Adam Doleac/YouTube

Adam and MacKinnon Doleac

But Doleac had other ideas.

"The closer we got to actually shooting the video, I just started thinking about how it's really important to tell our story as much as we can for the fans," says Doleac of the video shot amongst the luscious landscapes of Sewanee, Tennessee. "It helps people relate to it."

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The way he related to the song itself certainly changed in the months between writing and recording it, as Doleac says he originally penned it about the love he had for MacKinnon. But it was that love that has just grown and transformed since he’s been able to watch her become a mother.

"I was already so amazed with her when I met her and when I married her, and I didn't anticipate the new level of amazement and awe that you see when your wife is pregnant and especially after you watch her give birth," he says of the lyrical backbone of the song that now finds itself in the top 20 of SiriusXM’s The Highway’s Top 30 Countdown. "So basically, I rewrote the song in my head a little bit and made the music video about us."

<p>Adam Doleac/YouTube</p> Adam, Jack and MacKinnon Doleac

Adam Doleac/YouTube

Adam, Jack and MacKinnon Doleac

And yes, little baby Jack even makes an appearance at the end.

"I love the idea of the very last scene in the video being him here with us at home," says Doleac of the endearing final scene of the "Ain’t She" music video. "I'm really happy it worked out and we got to shoot it like that."

Doleac says he is also thrilled that his beloved 1987 Jeep Scrambler CJ8 jeep and the couple’s beloved dog Remy was also able to make it into the video. "She's our first child, so we had to get both of our children in this video," Doleac admits, laughing.

The story of Doleac's personal life is a story that the country music artist says he will continue to share with the loyal fans that have stuck with him since breaking onto the country music scene courtesy of songs such as "Famous," "Somewhere Cool with You" and "Another."

"We just want to tell our story as much as we can," says the Mississippi native. "My fans love MacKinnon and love Remy, and now they love Jack. So, it's just going to be cool for them to see everybody in one spot [in this music video], and as we continue to add on to our little family."

Certainly, it's long been a dream for Doleac to have this little family in the first place, but even more so for wife MacKinnon. 

"I have my musical dreams and things that I'm chasing after every day, and she watches me do that," says Doleac. "But MacKinnon has never really had anything like that except for she's always wanted to be a mom. And so, I'm kind of getting to watch her chase her dreams now, which is really cool."

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It’s also this little family that Doleac will be sure to miss as he heads out on his Wrong Side of a Sunrise headlining tour, a portion of which had to be rescheduled due to the end of MacKinnon's pregnancy.

"I'm so excited to go on this tour just because it's what I love to do, but also really sad to leave my little guy," says Doleac, who will kick off his headlining tour at The Royale in Boston on Thursday, April 25. "It's been such a sweet month since we've had him. We've both cleared our schedules and we have done nothing but basically stare at him and take care of the little guy."

<p>Matthew Berinato</p> Adam Doleac

Matthew Berinato

Adam Doleac

But Doleac does admit he's looking forward to sleeping on the tour bus.

"The bus used to be the worst sleep I ever got, and now it's probably going to be the best," jokes Doleac. "But no, Jack, he’s been really good. He’s been giving us five-to-six hour stretches at night, which is normal for a one-month-old baby. He's a happy baby. His eyes have been wide open since the day he came out, so he's been really fun."

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