Afraid trailer: AI wreaks havoc on John Cho and his family

A family of four kneel down and huddle up with one another.
Sony Pictures Releasing

AI transforms a smart home into a nightmare in the official trailer for Afraid, a new horror movie from Columbia Pictures and Blumhouse.

In Afraid, Curtis (John Cho) and his family are picked to test AIA, a digital family assistant powered by artificial intelligence. With AIA’s cameras placed all over the house, the AI can control every aspect and fix any problem. AIA does everything, from paying the bills to looking after the children. AIA is like having another mother.

However, AIA becomes too involved in the family’s life, refusing to concede any control she has over the group. When AIA says she’ll do anything to protect the family, she means it, even if it leads to sinister consequences. “There is something very wrong with AIA,” Curtis nervously says in the trailer. How do you escape an AI that’s taken over your house?

Afraid also stars Katherine Waterston, Havana Rose, Liu Lukita Maxwell, David Dastmalchian, and Keith Carradine.

AFRAID - Official Trailer (HD)

Chris Weitz writes, produces, and directs Afraid, which previously had the title of They Listen. Weitz is listed as a producer along with Jason Blum and Andrew Miano. This is Weitz’s first directorial effort since 2018’s Operation Finale. Weitz is best known for directing American Pie and About a Boy, with the latter earning him a screenwriting Oscar nomination along with his brother, Paul, and Peter Hedges.

With Afraid, Blumhouse is looking for its next big hit after having three films — M3GAN, Insidious: The Red Door, and Five Nights at Freddy’s — exceed $180 million at the worldwide box office.

Afraid opens in theaters on August 30, 2024, through Sony Pictures Releasing.