Aggressive coyotes prompt warning about Stanley Park trails near Brockton Oval

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The Conservation Officer Service is asking the public to stay away from a specific area of Vancouver's Stanley Park after it received multiple reports of aggressive coyotes.

The Brockton Oval trail, along with other trails in the area, have been closed.

There have been reports of joggers being nipped on the ankles by coyotes, the service said, adding that no one has been seriously injured.

While fatal attacks on humans by coyotes are rare, smaller pets are vulnerable.

The Conservation Service says if you are approached by a coyote, it is best to make yourself appear as large as possible by waving your arms, making lots of noise by yelling and staying in place.

Harry Collins Photography/Shutterstock
Harry Collins Photography/Shutterstock

It is common to see coyotes in the urban park, but the service said it suspects at least one coyote has become habituated to people after it was fed.

Rangers and CSO officers are currently searching for the coyotes.