Albion Hills Community Farm hosts spring festival and plant sale

Gardening enthusiasts enjoyed an annual spring celebration last weekend.

On May 25, the Albion Hills Community Farm (AHCF) hosted its annual spring festival and plant sale. The farm is located off Humber Station Road in the Albion Hills Conservation Park.

Karen Hutchinson is the president of the AHCF and explained the spring festival and plant sale is a great way to get the community out and celebrating spring.

“We like to offer everybody in our community the chance to get some plants and hang out at the farm,” said Hutchinson.

In 2024, the AHCF is going to be focusing on education and bringing in school groups and more to the farm.

“We’ve got all kinds of community groups coming this year,” said Hutchinson. “We’re just trying to continue bridging that understanding between farming, food, and nature… we’re excited about all our projects… we’re also working with the Caledon school vegetable garden project again this year.”

The Caledon school vegetable garden project is a collaborative effort from many local non-profits and businesses to bring vegetable gardens to Caledon’s public schools.

“It was really successful in 2023, all the schools finished the season with gardens and did donations… it got kids thinking about food and farming and growing,” said Hutchinson. “We’re trying to support everybody on their growing journeys.”

Zachary Roman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Caledon Citizen