'Always writing poetry': Taylor Swift's elementary school teachers remember their famous former student

Taylor Swift was "always writing poetry" as a child.

The 34-year-old singer's first music teacher has remembered the 'Karma' hitmaker as always having a love of verse and hopes she "gave her a little spark" that set her on the path to stardom.

Barbara Kolvek - who taught Taylor at the Wyndcroft Scool in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, from first to fourth grade - told Philadelphia CBS: "She always was writing poetry, always. Even in music class, even when she shouldn't.

"I did give her her very first singing solo!

"'Fast Talk Freddie,' I believe it was called.

"I feel like maybe I gave her a little spark or encouragement to do what she was doing."

Another of Taylor's former teachers, Heather Brown, remembered the 'Fortnight' singer - who was in her very first third grade class - as always having a magnetic personality.

She said: "[She] probably doesn't get the messages anymore, but I still send her a Christmas card every year. I still write her notes and congratulate her.

"Every student has a special quality. And you always remember every student from the quality they have. Taylor's quality was just being she was one of those students where people just drew to," Brown said.

Heather feels very proud of her former student.

She said: "Everything she touches turns to gold. And I'm just so excited to see what comes next.

"When she comes out on stage and everyone's screaming 'Taylor,' it's like, oh my gosh, like I was her teacher!

"I would say how proud I was of her and that she has never lost her focus and she's never lost the real person that she is. She's always been very honest and open, and I admire that in her."